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Crazy Tom's Penis Enlargment Haiku contest


PE miracles:
fatcockla’s girth and BIB’s length
Tom in this haiku.

Above average,
starting size for the lucky
goal for the many.

The essence of gains:
end up with more length and girth
than you started with.

Tom’s workshop renewed,
hangers, jelqsticks, ballzingers.
Where’s the knotted dick?

I submit this haiku on Xaixoit’s behalf:

In numbers… I believe
8 is a perfect number
and it’s my favourite

(I see now the first line actually had six syllables, and favourite is pronouced there with two syllables.)

Ike - any advice for more lenght?

Ike shared Xaixoit’s ‘Eight’,

2 syllables less in poem

would make it haiku ;)

Gentle upward arc

Rubs against the pump tube wall

My helmet ridge stings

It is ten o’clock.

My cells have retracted.

So now I must hang.

Happy to know that old master Tom is back at it again…with a new sideshow for all to follow.

If imitation’s is the sincerest form of flattery, you should be blushing from head to toe by now.

Thanks Tom for all you have done for the PE community.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

That’s nice of you, lonelybb, but I think your syllable count is off.

early morning wood
exploring new dimensions
exploding with pride

apparitions fade

now light dark despair, better

my heart, I have grown

Gravity’s force

Gains on many levels

distance measured

Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

I post but once

The thread it now dies quickly

The shame

Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

I’m longing for gains

struggling to pull harder

burdened tunica

My Willlie was small

Pull‚ squeeze and hang weights off it

Now small no longer

Thunder’s Place is great.
Its helped me to grow my dick.
Now I must pay him.

Sorry Tom…guess this won’t work for your site. :)

gained 1 1/8” in length and 1/2” in girth in a little less than a year with sept thru nov off.
Have reached 7” BPEL and 5 3/8” mid shaft girth…if I knew how to say thanks in Japanese I would. Also pretty appropo that this is my 100th post!

Hey Tom!

This has been discussed

Search the forum, you will find

Phallic Poetry



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