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Thanks to this site and the great posts, the PE is going great - haven’t measured yet after one month of jelqing (am waiting for two months), but the gains can already be seen and felt. However, I have one problem: when jelqing, I find myself losing count. I’m currently doing 300, and find my mind wanders and before I know it, I don’t know whether I’m on 75, 175 or 275. Anyone got any good systems to keep the counting concentration going? I suppose a lot of it is that the whole thing is new, and I’ll have to work on the concentration more.



I just go by a pre-set time limit. Try going for 30 minutes, that ought to be good starting out.

I usually do a set of twenty overhand and a set of twenty underhand grip. I hardly ever lose count that way.


I stop every 100 strokes & make a mark on a piece of paper. Losing count sucks!

In my bathroom I’ve ten tiles on the wall. I stare at a tile for ten strokes, then I stare at the next one and so on until I’ve reached the tenth tile and have done a hundred stokes.

Then I work my way back again.

Its’ all about concentration, don’t think of any other thangs. Don’t watch too much porn and focuse on every repetition like it’s your last one. It’s a nice exercise for the mind too.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


I count each jelq, I’m like a zen master when I PE, there’s nothing else in the world. @==

You could throw an exercise in between each 100 jelqs and count those, then you’ll know how many hundreds you’ve done.
Or have 3 objects that you move after each 100 so you know where you are.

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Originally Posted by Melvin UK

I usually do a set of twenty overhand and a set of twenty underhand grip. I hardly ever lose count that way.

So, when you jelq with underhand grip, I hope that you atleast don’t go too near your glans. Underhand grip has a bad tendency to put pressure on the dorsal nerve that runs alon the top of your shaft. Overhand protects it better, since you can use the soft tissue between your thumb and pointer finger as padding.

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Every 100 3 second jelqs equals 5 minutes. Use a clock instead of counting, that way you can concentrate on your jelqing technique instead of counting. Works for me.

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