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Could use some help from my skinnier PE friends.

Could use some help from my skinnier PE friends.

Hi all

I’ll cut straight to it- I’m a big fat lovable guy who is on a weight loss program. Well, chunky anyway. LOL

Long story short I was experimenting today on various ways of measuring BPSFL and found that by simply switching from a ruler to something with a smaller end surface area, in this case a pencil, I could get another 1/2-3/4” on the measurment. Obviously I have a bit of a fat pad which could very likely be causing the difference in measurement between the ruler and pencil.

So…I was hoping some of your skiiny guys could try using a pencil or something similar to see if you also notice a significant difference in the numbers. No need to be real precise, just note approximately where the end measurement spot is on the pencil and then use a ruler to get an actual number.

If there is little/no difference then I can surmise the pencil measurement to be a more accurate number (in my case) . In turn this will cancel the variable of my shrinking fatpad as far my record keeping goes. I guess it might also be a good way for someone to keep accurate measurements if they’re packing on the lbs as well.

Thanks to all!!

Just press hard with the ruler they don’t call it blood pressed for nothing (BP)

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Just press hard with the ruler they don’t call it blood pressed for nothing (BP)

LOL Yeah well, I pushed as hard as my pain tolerance would allow and I still got a better reading w/the pencil.

C’mon guys! There’s been over 100 page views….and I know for a fact there are dudes on here who measure every single day, even multiple times per day. Try it! You may find it easier and get more consistant measurement w/less pain & irritation..

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