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Could this be an all day penis heater?


I should mention Monty sells a reusable “therabead” hot-wrap of sorts. If you don’t want to have to wet a cloth all the time, you could just use that. It produces its own moisture, and looks kinda like a doily (hopefully you know what I mean). It could also be disguised as a muscle relaxing tool.

I may be purchasing one when I’m gainfully employed.

Jigalo hopeful! Then your, your own boss ;)

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Yeah man. Thanks to some awesome members on this forum pointing me in the right direction, I may be my own boss for life. The www. is a wild, crazy place! Of course, zero income doesn’t help my love life, but it was my choice. My boss was a prick, and all his customer’s spent their money at his business because of my witty charm (A co-worker said there have been many tears shed in my absence). So it was a good decision, despite the fearful economy.

Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
It produces its own moisture, and looks kinda like a doily

Hmmm, A doily for my dick, now there’s an idea… now I can put my dick on the furniture and it won’t leave a mess :D

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!


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