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Could someone build this?

Could someone build this?

I mentioned this in another thread, and got no response which I was surprised. I think its about time pe becomes hi-tech.

Maybe I didn’t explain it right. I Would like to know what people think. Particularly engineers, and people who are good at electronics.

I have an idea for a device that would go around your waist, like a belt. At the center by the base of your penis would be a cord with a loop that would go around the thumb that would be pulling your penis out when you stretch. The cord would be coming from a small box, and the box would have inputs for the display control device.I was told I would need an accelerometer to do this.You would initially pull it out, and stretch your penis as far as it can go. It would give you a read out on a display (this display, and controls would be on a separate device)of what your BPFSL, or FSL measurement (not sure if you could get it bone pressed.) Once you have your FSL measurment this would be your baseline. When doing your stretches in theory stretching beyond this measurement should activate gains. It could beep, and/or light up when you have pulled beyond your base fsl measurement. Also could tell you how long you held it for, and how far you stretched. With such a device you could get good data on manual stretches. taking the guess work on if you are stretching right. What do you think?

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Sounds very expensive, and that it is unnecessary because it really isn’t improving anything except that it has beeps and lights.

How much would it cost to build this thing? Would people buy it and why? What if it breaks down? How do you fix it and is it expensive to replace things?

I would love to see the prototype.


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I think it would be very beneficial. I don’t mean to make myself out to be a veteran of PE, because there are people who have been pe’ing for alot less time than me, and know more, but I have been involved with PE since I was 18. I am almost 32. Over the years I have seen people complain about not getting results. For a variety of reasons. I would just like to have something that takes a bit of the guess work out of pe’ing.We all know the stretches work, but its very subjective on how hard you should be pulling. Lets say that it is not just enough to pull 1mm past your BPFSL, but 3mm’s. Using such a device under controlled conditions could show what level of stretching gives the over all best results. I am just a very “Want to see the facts, and data” kind of person. When I run, I run on a treadmill so I can see for far I have run, and how many calories burned.

I don’t know how much it would cost. I heard prototyping it out around a grand, but manufacturing it probably alot less (meaning price per unit).
I am sure you would set something up to fix it, a set warranty, and probably could use a usb device that would just plug into your computer. So all you would need is the device that goes around your waist.

If I understand you correctly what you are looking for is an electronic measuring tape with a timer and memory. Not too difficult to build, all you need is a local Radio Shack(or any other electronic component store) and someone who can program a micro-controller(A PIC device will work nicely, is cheap, and you can learn to program it in a few days). You can use a small box(slightly larger than a cigarette pack), a Potentiometer/Variable Resistor(a spring action potentiometer will be nice here, although not very common, and are expensive), you will need a 1:10 Gear set a light spring, a buzzer if you want it to beep when you go over a certain measurement, a few LED’s and a battery pack(5 volt). In my terms it would cost about 50 South African Rands, In American terms that would be a few dollars(under $10). Basically what you would be building a crude Servo feedback circuit, without the motor, but manual control.

How it would work is when you pull the cord, which would be attached to the large gear wheel, it would turn the small gear wheel, which would in effect, turn the potentiometer, which would send a varying voltage to the PIC(or other microcontroller). The microcontroller would convert this analog voltage to a digital format, which can be displayed on a LCD if you wish, you press a button when you have the length you require and this will be stored in the PIC’s memory until you enter a new value. The spring will be attached to the large wheel of the gear mechanism just so that the cord recoils into the box when you’re done. The PIC can compare any voltage to the first measurement stored in memory and when you go over that value it would beep, or turn a LED on.

I would put build time at a few hours.

Techie, sounds like you’re just the man for this project!

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