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could it be true?

could it be true?

I really need an answer here. I am currently trying to reach 7” by 5.5”. Thats all. I say thats all, as I have always managed to “go deep” with my girlfriends, and only really want a genuine 1/2increase in length (1” would be better though, in for a penny…..) and about another 1” in girth. I would much rather gain in girth, yet, as a newbie I’m being told not to do horses and Uli’s. I’m currently doing the group A program, and with the recognised measuring techniques, have achieved over 18cm in length (can’t convert, just a lowly Australian soldier) Obviously my length ga9n has been reached and now wish to only perform girth techniques. Any ideas? I will continue the program for a few more months, in the interest of science, but really woud like to concentrate on that specific area.

without suggesting you alter from the experiment,

firstly don’t assume the length gains are set in stone you will probably see some variance so you could aim a little above your target.

secondly with the 3 second jelqs the more erect you are, the more your girth should be effected. Also the more you press on the side of the penis the more girth gains you should see (an overhand ok grip is particularly good for this).

You may also find that length gains will naturaly slow after a while and at this stage girth gains should become more obvious but you could have exceeded your target a little.

Once you are done on the 3 months add the serious girth excercises.

Without changing your routine at all you will probably notice girth gains. They are just a little less obvious. If you feel like your girth is improving even if measurement doesn’t show it immediately, you are probably still gaining.

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