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Correcting a curve

Correcting a curve

How many erect bends against the curve should one do a day?

I’ve started out with 25, where i hold each bend for 10 seconds. Should I up to 50 bends? or how many?

Most people would suggest that erect bends are dangerous. However, it’s your dick and if you’re already doing them, then 25 sounds like plenty. I’m still not convinced, in spite of many people suggesting it, that PE can correct curves. Penile curves are usually due to a weak or damaged section of the corpora cavernosa. That means they are likely due to scar tissue and putting additional pressure on that area might make the curve more pronounced instead of making it go away.

Using the search button, “top right of every page”®, you can find about 20 threads containing the words “fixing curve” which might be of use to you.

Well that sucks): But it sounds right… damn, I hate my curve!!

Well I‘ll just stick with 25 bends a day for a half year, and if nothing gets better, I’ll drop it, and accept the curve.

Will the curve make it harder for me to grow my dick other ways?? guess not?

Some guys with a curve say PE makes it more pronounced. If you think about an area of scar tissue, say on the left side of the left corpus cavernosum, which causes a slight bend to the left of the entire penis. Then enlarge the area around it as well as the other corpus while the area of scar tissue does not grow, and you’ve got a bigger leftward curve. Some say jelqing against the curve helps and that, too, makes some sense since it would specifically stretch the scar area. Still, I haven’t heard of too many success stories about fixing a curve.

If your curve is up, that’s a plus. If it’s to the left or right, that’s not much of a problem during sex. If it’s a downward curve (like our member - johngreen38} then you probably don’t want to make it any worse than it is.

what makes an upward curve such a plus?

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