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correct way to measure flacid

correct way to measure flacid

You know, I was curious how most of you guys are measuring your flacid size. For so long I have measured it the same way I measured erect, which I now think is wrong. The reason I say this is it’s almost like pulling your erect unit up towards the navel and measuring, if your measuring flacid by lifting it up to the ruler parallel with the floor. Being that that’s not it’s natural state, women won’t see a lifted flacid they will see a hanging flacid.

The difference is about a half inch for me, 4 1/4 without lifting up, 4 3/4 not lifting. Unless that’s the way everyone else already measures, so I’m wondering when we see various surveys all over the internet are they measuring down or up. Hopefully down, so I’ll feel even better about my flacid size.

Originally Posted by T-rex
4 1/4 without lifting up, 4 3/4 not lifting


For what it’s worth, I measure flaccid while the penis is hanging down. (Also, obviously, I do not bone-press in this position…)

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Since flaccid size varies so much day to day, measure over a number of successive days and then average out your results.



I don’t bother because it’s not constant enough. With flaccid I base my goals on ‘bad’ days, which are probably normal days for average erect sizes, but I want more because I’m ambitious like that.

I always measure my flaccid state while letting it hang down naturally. I feel this way I am not cheating myself out of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. It’s not like when you pull your pants down in front of a woman and it’s hanging naturally; she is going to tell you to “pull it up so I can see how big it is.” She is going to look at it while hanging, and if you are one of the lucky ones that has a long and thick flaccid then you will definitely get some compliments.

Mine is 4 1/2” and I still don’t think it looks big enough. No method of measuring is going to fix the problem with perception in my head.

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