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Corpus Spongiosum Conduit

Corpus Spongiosum Conduit

Does the CS fill the glans with blood? I know the CS itself absorbs blood and stiffens the penis, it also serves as some sort of support/guidance for the urethra. If anyone can give me an educated, fuller understanding of the function/purpose of CS and CC I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :)


Support/guidance for the urethra? The urethra runs through it, but that is about it. The CS and CC are spongelike tissue that fill with blood and cause the penis to stiffen.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the glans attached to the CS? It would stand to reason then that when the CS filled it would fill the glans. Here’s the illustration I have.

maleanatomy 3 copy.jpg


Nice picture, RoomToGrow. Thank you!


Have to give the credit to RamRod for that one. :D

All the other Diagrams and Illustrations he worked so hard to gather are linked in my signature. It gets you started on understanding what the hell we are doing.


Thanks for proving I am not crazy RTG. Like I said, doing horse squeezes will increase the capacity of the CS over time, and allow for more bloodflow to the head.

The blood supply for the glans does consist mainly of blood passing thorough, and also from arteries within, the corpus spongiosum. There is no direct connection between the main erectile chambers (the corpora cavernosa) and the glans. See this image.

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