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corpus cavernosum too hard for PE

corpus cavernosum too hard for PE

Hello All… Recently I’ve been having this problem.. The Big Veins on each side of my penis called the “corpus cavernosum” are having a hard time expanding during PE

When i first started PE, They were very elastic in nature and easy to expand..

But after quitting PE for a couple weeks, then starting up again… It seems they strengthened to the point where they will not expand past a current state… Even in a semi-half erection, the corpus cavernosum is fully expanded, thus not allowing me to PE properly…

Should i just take a LONG BREAK and allow those tissues to soften, or should i just keep PEing harder?

If anyone has, or had a problem like this, any help would be appreciated….

Thanks ahead for any responses…

OK, jp, I’m not sure i quite understand you. You’re having trouble getting an erection? If you are having trouble getting an erection, it’s because there is a hard mass, or hardening in your flaccid penis? Do you feel something hard inside your non-erect penis?


No i can get erections just fine

No, i can get erections just fine…

Its just that, the corpus cavernosum, no matter how limp or semi-errect my penis gets; will never go above its maximum diameter..

Therefore, when i jelq, squeeze, or whatever… The target area “corpus cavernosum” isn’t doing anything at all… And instead, im just pushing blood right through it, without any expandation from the CC along the way…


if i try to jelq at 100% erection, i just move blood through the CC with no expanditure..

If i try to jelq at 50% erection, i get the same same effect

if i try to jelq at 0-25% erection, then it just fills up the CC to its regular limit…


My point is, i need to “soften” the CC so that it in turn effects like a Ballon expanding with air, instead of a hard cylinder that only allows air to run through it, and doesnt expand…

50%-80% erections while doing PE, are usually the way to accomplish that…. But, they aren’t doing that for me anymore because the CC has become too hard to expand…

How can combat this?

Welcome to the club.

If the penis were easy to expand, I suspect everyone here would be sporting 7+ in girth.

I think you’ve just realized your natural girth. Now you have to push it harder to expand it.

Although, I must say, I personally don’t recommend expansive girth work. I (and others) have acquired plenty of girth with lengthening exercises.

I would start pumping, myself, if I were in your position,jp. I think that the pump is going to give you the “expansion” that you are looking for.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that, just like any form of physical exercise, the bulk of PE is recovery. If you’re attempting to gain girth, the thing to do would be to force a slight increase in girth, then keep the girth expanded for as long as possible, attempting to spend most of your recovery time in an “expanded state”. Pumping and a cockring seemed to do it for me.


jinxpalmer, are you using heat of any kind in your routine?


p.s.: I hope that, when you respond, your keyboard is back from the repair shop and the “Shift” key is fixed. Keeps us all, but especially El JefĂ© happy. :D

Thx 4 replies

Thanks for the info guys… I’m thinking i might got get a pump… Also, No i do not use heat in my routines (but i never ever have)… Maybe, I need to, not because of injury prevention, but just to loosen up those tissues some..?

Also, i do agree that much of PE is gained through recovery, and keeping your penis expanded during that recovery… I notice that whenever i did girth exercises in the morning and night, i had better results…

Now i just wish i could get that intial girth gain again, to get to that expanded recovery stage… Maybe Heat + Pumping will get me over that hump?

Originally Posted by jinxpalmer
Therefore, when I jelq, squeeze, or whatever.. The target area “corpus cavernosum” isn’t doing anything at all.. And instead, I’m just pushing blood right through it, without any expandation from the CC along the way.

Feels like that for me too, but sometimes it’s very elastic, spongy and expandable. Warming up helped me alot with this problem, as you know it loosens up the tissues up a bit. You should try it, there’s many different methods.

The corpus cavernosum are not “big veins” at all. They are (potentially) large chambers, spongy so they will hold blood and sustain an erection.

A lot of us do have major and obvious arteries running along the ventral sides, or the dorsal side. These are not the cavernosal chambers.

I’m confused about what you are talking about.



Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons

Although, I must say, I personally don’t recommend expansive girth work. I (and others) have acquired plenty of girth with lengthening exercises.

May you explain this kind of lengthening exercises?
Thanks in advanced.

Nothing much to explain really.

Jelqing, hanging, ADS have all contributed to my girth gains because I don’t do anything special for girth gains and I’m getting them.

The reason I stated “I personally don’t recommend expansive girth work” is based upon some of the injuries and the discoloration I’ve read about. Even Big Girtha stated his urologist was unclear as to whether the long-term effects of clamping may cause fibrosis. I didn’t look into that any further - she may be completely off-base.

Anyway, before I get hammered by a bunch of clampers, I’ll end this by saying I’m seeing that as length comes along some girth comes with it as a by-product, just as some have discovered clamping has caused some length gains.

I have the same problem, there seems to be no expansion past past my natural maximum girth. My CC’s are so hard/strong they don’t expand past there natural maximum size (i thought this is how gains were made).Put simply when I jelq no matter how hard I squeeze it doesnt seem like there is the right amount of blood trapped or expansion, feels like I’m not doing a thing. I have often wondered if my penis was stronger then a lot of the girth gainers here.

I just considered I was experiencing a thought process everyone experiences. Although, I am reconsidering due to my lackluster girth gains.

Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

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