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Coolness during jelqing

Coolness during jelqing

Lately, I’ve started back at jelqing. I have noticed that although my glans are engorged with blood, it feels cooler than the rest of my shaft. I never noticed this during my last bought of jelqing almost 9 months ago. Any thoughs on this? It starts to happen about 10 miniutes in or so, my total session is about 20 minutes. The only possibility I could think of is that my BC isn’t as strong as it used to be, and I am therefore not able to pump fresh blood to the head as efficiently as I used to.

Anyone, ever?

I feel that at times. A coolness feeling but your penis really isn’t “cold.” I’m not sure what it is.

The fact that the extra blood in the glans is losing heat could explain the coolness. Also, red tissue loses more heat than pale flesh.

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Yes, I am avoiding the glans, stopping before my ridge.


I guess that makes sense, just that I never experienced this before.

I apologize for going off topic.

Mongoose, that Avatar is hysterical! where did you get that?

Just to stay on topic, I jelq about 4-5 times a week, for several months now, but havent felt the coolness (or numbness possibly?) that you mention.

cead mile failte :lep:

Heat and the sensation of heat are different things. Your glans may “feel” cooler than your shaft even though it’s at the same temperature.

Your glans may actually be hotter, and may be losing heat to the environment faster than your shaft, which is more often covered by your hands. Your skin gets used to the feeling of the heat, and then perceives the evaporation from the glans (or airflow across the glans) as coolness.

Do you use a water-based lube to jelq? Did you used to? Water evaporates, producing a cooling sensation. Vaseline doesn’t.

I swear ModestoMan is Bill Nye the science guy.

cead mile failte :lep:

No one will recognize me behind this mask :)


That is an interesting thought, quite possibly correct. I must mention that the “feeling” of coolness can be noticed when I physically touch the head, it’s not just a subjective feeling I notice during the exercise. The head actually feels cooler to the touch…does this still fit in with your explanation? My lube has changed, but they are both water-based. Thanks

So, using your finger as a temperature probe, your finger senses that your glans is cooler than your shaft?

This could certainly be true. Your shaft experiences more friction from jelqing and thus may heat up to some extent from that alone. Also, your glans may be giving off more heat from evaporation than your shaft, which is less exposed.

So, it is certainly possible that your glans and shaft really do have different temperatures. I focused on the evaporation/airflow idea to explain the change from your prior experience, where you felt they were the same temperature.

If the relative temperatures of your glans and shaft have really changed, I would look at whether you’ve changed your lube or are jelqing in a cooler or more drafty environment.

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