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Controversal subject about Pennimaster

Controversal subject about Pennimaster

Ok any one who has the PM the JE or the PS will know what i am taking about. If your go to , and go to the size calculator it tell you what size you will be in how ever long you choose in months right, ok? OK i am 7.5 in length, so I put that in it spits out saying I will be 10.5 in one year, then it says

“Please note that the results are based on usage of the Jes-Extender 12 hours daily 7 days a week.

Results will vary, and these results are only meant as a guidance to your new penis size !”

Ok thats great so say after A year I am that length maybe more maybe less, but lets just go with what it says.

Ok so after a year I am 10.5 and then and I wear it for another year. The calculator says I am 15 inches. Ok again like I says lets just go with what it says they are the experts right?

So in two year I could be 15 inches give or take. First thats insane, and way to big, but do you think that it could happened I mean its all about traction, and science and physics and that good stuff. So what do you all think. Is it all BS or is there some truth.

Can these devices produce these kind of results or not.
Ready, Steady, Go>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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