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Controlled Test

Controlled Test

I didn´t mean to do this but it proved interesting nonetheless:

I had been in Spain for over 2 months and therefore away from my girlfriend during that time. I decided to start doing PE when I got to spain because I finally had an enormous amount of private free time on my hands. Over the span of about 2 months Ive gained about .5” in length and .5” in girth, to a grand total of 7.2” in length and 5.5” girth. Anyways, finally had sex again after 2 months with my girlfriend and I didnt realize this until after sex that it gave me the opportunity to see what those kinds of gains can do in terms of effects. The results were none short of shocking. Never before had the simple act of penetration put my gf in such states of pleasure. It didnt matter what the position, just penetrating and pumping sent her through pleasure. She had always been able to orgasm during intercourse but it required her to grind on my pelvic bone while being on top. She can still do that now but now she senses these new sensations of pleasure simply by going in and out. At first I though, well maybe its just that she hasnt had sex in a long time, but then about 5 hours later we had sex again, and yet again she was in extasy the ENTIRE time we were having sex. She said that she didnt even need to orgasm because of 15 minutes of intercourse was more than enough. As a matter of fact, after we were done having sex the second time she said “That was the most amazing sex I think we´ve ever had”, we´ve been together for 2 years now. Anyways, just though some on this board would find this interesting. This has, of course, given be incentive and motivation to continue with PE.


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Thats’ an ausome story… DId she mention any thing about the size of ur cock?

Originally posted by Xtroop
Thats' an ausome story… DId she mention any thing about the size of ur cock?

No I dont think the gains are enough that she could notice. Maybe with some more gains she will..

What was your workout routine during those 2 months? How much time did you spend on PE?


Cool, I too had a similar experience except that is was with my ex-wife. She had come over one day to get more of her belongings. Ours was a friendly divorce. It was probably 4 months into PE. We were talking, had a few drinks and one thing led to another. She was very taken by the changes. Although we are not living together anymore, we do get together quite often now. She knows about the PE I do, can’t be with someone for 15 years and all of a sudden changes take place and not notice the difference. Anyway, I know what you mean!!!

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