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constriction sleeve alternatives

constriction sleeve alternatives

I read in another post that some of you were using the finger cut off from dish gloves as alternatives to the restriction sleeve. Is it safe to wear latex against the skin for prolonged periods, say 12 hours a day? Is it possible to develop an allergy or sensitivity to latex from the extended usage?

I found a pair that is made of nyplex. However they are not as sticky as the silicone sleeves and don’t think they will stay on as well. Does anyone know anything about Nyplex vs latex?


try finger bandage. I live in the UK and use bandages sold in the Boots. They’re rather tight, and it takes some effort to squeeze my glans into it, but once I’ve done it I can hang for 60 mins, and be pretty sure I Won’t get a blister. There must be something similar you can get in the US

radojda0 what exactly are these bandages called as I will be heading to boots tomorrow, thanks for the idea I am going to look into this as this could come in handy for as I have ha d quite a bit of a challenge and have since not used my ADS device. However in saying that the problem may be owing to this big head I have on my cock, but I can’t complain. Thanks for the input.

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