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I’ve been doing my routine every other it ok if every once in awhile I take 2 days off instead? It’s not as much peing but maybe it’s enough?

Start: 6" length, 4.5" girth / Now: 6.1" length,4.7" girth 1/10/08- 6.25" NBEL length BPEL 6.75" 4.7" Girth

2/12/08- 6.60"NBEL 7" BPEL under head girth- 4.7" base-5"

Time PE'ing:8 months Goal: 10" length, 7" girth My progress thread with pictures: Imasleep's progress thread.Journey to 10x7! Check IT OUT, I have alot of questions posted there with no answers please!

I say the most important thing is to listen to your penis/body.

In addition, If you have been staying consistent and feel like taking an extra day off here and there then not a problem. In fact, there are plenty of guys here (myself included) who have performed a Monday-Wednesday-Friday type routine using the weekend to throw in a scheduled 2-day break on a regular basis.

^What he said. Plus one extra day off is not going to screw up any gains what so ever. It might actually be beneficial, since you rested more.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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