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Consider it a "semester break"

Consider it a "semester break"

As I’ve stated, I’m on a lengthy deconditioning break - probably 6 months (Nov. 2, 2004 - May 2, 2005). Since we’re all students of BDU (Big Dick University), we can consider our breaks to be “semester break.” Mine is more of a lengthy summer break, with maybe the Fall Semester off also.

In case you haven’t received a syllabus, the graduation requirements from BDU are as follows:

* Bachelor’s Degree: 204 “credits” (mm) -> 8 inches
* Master’s Degree: 229 “credits” (mm) -> 9 inches
* Doctorate Degree: 254 “credits” (mm) -> 10 inches

When I return to my May ‘05 “semester,” I’m confident I’ll complete my bachelor’s some time in June. August will be 3 years of BDU for me - so that’s not bad, that’s actually completing my B.A. in short time.

Four years for me will be August 2006. I definitely want to matriculate from BDU with a Master’s Degree by then.

So, get “studying” fellas. And no cheating on your exams.

- w a d

I started at 5.5” BPEL and am now up to 7.25” BPEL. According to your requirements here I must not have learned much.

This school sucks.. no chicks!

Originally Posted by juke
This school sucks.. no chicks!


I forgot to mention their “honorary degrees.” With 2” EL gains, you can still obtain a bachelor’s. You’re only 1/4” away! Keep studying.

Hobby says: Sorry Wad, I screwed up and hit edit here instead of quote and accidentally wiped out part of your post. I didn’t realize what I had done until too late. I’m a bit out of sorts today. I didn’t mean anything by this. Preserved here is the part I quoted in my reply.

I apologize.

I like it Wads.

CaptnHook, BPE

>I forgot to mention their “honorary degrees.” With 2” EL gains, you can still obtain a bachelor’s. You’re only 1/4” away! Keep studying.

What about the guys starting at 4” who have reached 4.5” or maybe even 5” after a lot of dedicated effort? Are they are supposed to ride with the rest of us on the short bus and look up to the supposedly “educated” guys freshly new to PE who step in bearing a natural 8.5” as our teachers? If a natural 9” or 10” comes along he’ll surely become the dean immediately.

Can we send in a photoshopped pic along with $39.95 to obtain a Ph.D. and business license to open our own pay PE sites? I’ll call mine Size Doesn’t Matter.

Yeah Hobby, this is total discrimination. The degrees should not be awarded to a specific size, per se, but should instead be awarded by the percentage of overall gain.

What about the guy starting with 7” and reaches 8? He adds 14% to his penis and receives a baccalaureate.

And the guy who starts with 5” and reaches 6.5” just added 30% to his penis and gets to go to community college.

Next thing you know, Wad will want tenure.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

yes, I also want to know if grading will be done on a curve and if exams are going to be written or oral?

Holy shit! This has quickly turned into a student demonstration, and is fast becoming a riot. You ungrateful little punks better hope I don’t send in the Ohio National Guard, or Neil Young will be writing a song about you guys.

Now listen, we can discuss this reasonably. Put down your placards - and hand me that freakin’ can of gasoline. Are you nuts? The hallowed halls of BDU will not stand for this type of insurrection. We can sit down like reasonable adults - if you first wash that long greasy hair and get it cut - and we can reconsider our matriculation requirements.

Okay? And pick up that damn Draft Card, you pinko commie bastard!

Tin soldiers and Wad is retching,
We’re finally at our pace.
This summer I hear the stretching,
Four dead in Thunder’s Place.

- Kneel Young

I’m starting a fraternity here at BDU, its called Alpha Sigma Omega. There will be lots of partying, hot chicks, booze, drugs, pr0n, strippers, and free PE equipment. To join you must have a positive attitude towards life and like to party.

Fine babes like DW can be honorary members if they choose, but initiation might be unpleasant.

No rednecks, law enforcement officers, or school officials please.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6


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