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Connective tissue- FIRST "THREAD OF THE YEAR"


I´m not trying to make us enemies or something but I disagree :-)

I do not do any particular warm up or cool down and have gained 1.5”x1” on my dick.

I lift weights (done that for 15 years) and I am very strong and fit and do not “warm up” or “cool down” just do two light sets before going heavy, works fine for me.

I have also been running/jogging for 20 years and I never warm up/ cool down. Just walk to the track a couple of hundred meters, then jogging for a kilometer or two before running as a mad man uphill.

I use to be a elite martial artist and could split my legs like a russian gymnastic girl. My stretching was done at home for 30 minutes a couple of times a week often without warm up (sometimes after running). Main thing is not to go to full power/force at once with the exercise, no matter what kind of training but alow for a gradual increase in force. But a special warm up/cool down is not necessary, nor even proved IMO.


Gentlemen (and Sunny),

Bigger gave out some advice a while back about using moist heat. I have been a vocal proponent of using moist heat since I started on the forum. I use a water-proof heating pad with a damp towel over it. I put the heating pad on it’s highest setting and mold it over my ligs for the first 10 minutes of the first morning set. I do this again in the afternoon. I do not ice. I think that normal air circulation cools things down sufficiently. I am pretty sure that Bigger followed a similar routine. Of course, if there is a substantial time gap between sets, the heat should be re-applied. I think that Hobby’s research confirmed what Bigger and others gravitated to naturally. ADS is a key in my opinion. I know that I have gone on and on about it, but as I analyzed how the big gainers did their work, frequency was a common factor. ADS is obviously the frequent application of low intensity force.
Just my HO.

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Totally wrong.

Ai stretching is not about intensity at all.

You guys are getting bad information.

Ai stetches are short (2 seconds)to avoid the stretch reflex which kicks in after 2-4 seconds. They are not intense stretches.

If you do it intensely, the muscles will use the stretch reflex to protect itself immediately because you are using a damaging maneuveur.

The ai stretches should be mild and not produce pain - you are definiely not trying to go as far as you can go - that is wrong.

Short yes. Intense, no.
If you pull too hard, it will hurt and maybe scar and generally not produce the result you want regardless of the time held.

So for best results, use a moderate stretch force (like you were gonna hold it for a half hour) and do not go as far as you can go, release after 2 seconds, wait again for 2 and repeat 10 times.

It works very well on muscles in general and seems to be working on my penis as well even though it is not really a muscular organ. I think I’ve gained a half inch over the last month but I’m not sure because I quit jelqing and it could be a growth reaction from that layoff.

I have used ice in my hanging routine before. I brought it up on one board or the other ages ago but no one seemed interested. Look at my routine and scroll down to see what I was doing if you like. I didnt try it for long enough or consistantly enough to see gains before, but recently i have considered doing it with heat at the beginning and ads in between, eg:

1. 4 sets hanging with heat for the first half of each set.
2. ADS and light hanging.
3. 4 sets hanging with ice for the last half of each set.

any ideas or opinions this time?

Interesting reading indeed, this is the idea behind the JES-extender and similar extenders, to apply a constant and relativly low traction force over extended period of time. I think I will dust mine off ;)

So, if a cool down in extended state is benefical perhaps we shouldn´t do warm wraps after refular PE either, but rather cool wraps, when in still an enlarged state. Or is this way off? This would reduce the blood flow for a while but perhaps the benefits are greater than the drawbacks?

What are the thoughts on this?


While hanging today I used a heating pad over a damp washcloth as Jelktoid suggested, and I kept it on the whole time, even during the rest periods. I allowed my ligs to air cool only during the last set.

I think the idea is to keep warm while under tension, then cool only at the end of the workout to help “freeze” the ligs in an extended state. If using an ADS right after hanging should we cool down on the last hanging set or continue to stay warm while using lighter tension? I don’t know, but I suspect keeping warm is better.


Re: hot wraps after regular PE: I still plan on doing them after jelqing/squeezing (girth focused) sessions because I think heating after these workouts may help avoid discoloration. However, heating after prolonged traction may be counterproductive.

Originally posted by sunshinekid403

Now while the penis is not a muscle per se, it is covered with a layer of smooth muscle (our doctors on the board can argue all they want, I have pictures in my books).

It sure has smooth muscle in it somewhere. What do your books show?

Lacunar space (Space of Smith)

Surrounds tunica albuginea
Intralacunar smooth muscle found within space

This damage to the blood vessels leads to reduced levels of oxygen which results in increased collagen formation. This affects the elasticity in the penis by upsetting the balance between collagen and elastin in the penis. In the penis, the ideal ratio between collagen and smooth muscle (which contains elastin) is 48% (collagen) : 52% (smooth muscle which contains elastin). When this ratio is upset by an increased proportion of collagen (i.e. a relative decrease in the proportion of elastin) the penis becomes less elastic.

In men with normal erectile function, the penis is composed of 42% to 53% smooth muscle. As men age, blood flow to the penis may decline causing the normal structure of the penis to change; smooth muscle may be replaced by fibrous tissue that cannot expand sufficiently to initiate and maintain an erection. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction typcially begin when smooth muscle in the penis falls below 42%.


The penis contains three cylinders of erectile tissue; the corpora cavernosa which are two cylinders lying side by side on the dorsal side and corpus spongiosum, a single cylinder on the ventral side which contains the urethra (Penis 1). Each cavernous body is surrounded by connective tissue; all three are surrounded by elastic loose connective tissue and a layer of thin skin. The erectile tissue consists of a framework of irregular trabeculae containing collagen, elastin, and smooth muscle, covered by endothelium. This arrangement produces a number of irregular spaces or blood sinuses, which become engorged with blood to produce the erection (Penis 2).

[good site on anatomy and erection]

The corpora cavernosa can be thought of as sponges made of smooth muscle fibres. When the penis is soft, the muscle fibres are contracted and only a small amount of blood can be contained within the penis. During erection, the signals passing along the cavernous nerves cause the smooth muscle to relax, allowing the “sponges” to expand, filling with blood. The pressure within the corpora cavernosa increases and the penis becomes rigid. See Figure 2

1) Nitrergic-noradrenergic interaction:
Penile erection is regulated by two opposing systems: noradrenergic (anti-erectile) and nitrergic (pro-erectile) neurotransmission. Noradrenaline released from sympathetic nerves causes contraction of the blood vessels and smooth muscle of the penile corpus cavernosum, thus leading to detumescence of the penis.

Veno-Occlusive Dysfunction
The erectile cylinders within the male penis contain arteries, capillary beds, smooth muscle, and venules. In the unexcited state small amounts of blood enter the penis from the penile arteries. This blood goes through the sinusoidal spaces, and enters the venules which come together to form veins that carry the blood out of the penis and back to the heart.

In the excited state, the penile arteries open and a much greater volume of blood enters the erection cylinders. The smooth muscle within the cylinders relaxes, so that the arterial blood enters the capillary spaces and the small venules are obstructed. As more and more blood enters the cylinders, the pressure within the cylinders rises and the patient achieves a rigid erection.

In a young, healthy male, the amount of blood required to maintain this erection is as low as 2cc per minute. As patients age, this smooth muscle within the penile cylinders becomes less able to relax and occlude the venules. This allows some of the blood which enters the penis to drain out through the veins causing a venous leak. At some point, this venous leak becomes larger than the amount of blood entering the penis and the patient becomes unable to obtain/or maintain the erection. Veno-occlusive disease is the #1 cause of sexual dysfunction worldwide.

Hey hobby!

Now this is a thread worthy of it’s 5 ***** rating!

You’re a man after my own heart! I love to see good research! Well done!

Very important stuff that will benefit the search for PE’s Holy Grail!

The whole concept of cooling the tissue while still in an extended state makes a good deal of sense. There are two forces in play. On one hand we have a static stretch, while on the other, contraction inducing cold. Damn, that will create havoc down there! :chuckle:

Definitely a concept worth exploring in depth.

Thank you and well done!

lil1 :lep:

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MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!


Thanks for a stellar post. I can see the wheels in everybody’s minds turning. Mine are turning over this:

“In order to deform, and then reform a ligament into a more desireable length and form, the applied “constant” load must reach over 40% of that particular ligament's “ultimate load”. A ligament's ultimate load is defined as “the final load reached by a structure before failure”.”

I can only think of one way to find out what my ‘ultimate load’ is, and I don’t want to know that bad. Is it reasonable to figure that since Tom Hubbard and others have hung 30#, maybe double that is the ultimate load, therefore 24# would be sufficient to deform the penile ligaments?



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Your research on this topic just makes me a stronger believer in less than a 40% workout at more frequency will work much better than one long intense workout that may stop gains and cause injury.

Great job!!



Actually, I did a hell of a lot of research during the first couple weeks when I started PE. I can’t say I found any of these articles, but I did read much of the same principles and theories. So, I cannot say it was all simply experience.

It did lead me to the habit of applying heat during the first half of the first half of my sets. IOW heat during the a.m. sets for the first ten minutes, then no heat during the pm sets.

I did read an article at some point from Johns Hopkins about tightening ligs. A lot of good information about heating the ligs causing the ligs to retrac and shrink, IF the joint was left completely immobile. Much the same as bacon frying. Their words not mine.

However, if the ligs were stretched while heated, they would stretch tremendously. That is why I always advocated cooling down in the extended state. Also, it is why I do not understand the practice of some of applying heat after the session. Makes no sense.

Anyhow, the collagenous tissues are really unique and have unusual properties. The more research done, the better the understanding, and then the better techniques to stretch/grow them efficiently.


Originally posted by Bib

I did read an article at some point from Johns Hopkins about tightening ligs. A lot of good information about heating the ligs causing the ligs to retrac and shrink, IF the joint was left completely immobile. Much the same as bacon frying. Their words not mine.

Ligs act like heat shrink tubing when enough heat (more than we’ll ever use) is applied:


But instead of repairing Colman’s overstretched ligaments the old way — removing pieces of the ligaments and sewing the ends together through an open incision — his surgeon, Zilberfarb, repaired it with a new technique called thermal capsular shift.

This involves inserting lasers or radiofrequency probes through tiny incisions and heating ligaments to 152.6 degrees Fahrenheit, under anesthesia. The heat shrinks the collagen in ligaments, which causes scar tissue, which in turn tightens up the ligaments.

Tell me if I’m wrong but don’t major league pitchers after they have finished a game ice their shoulder and eldow joints. In a way to sort of help control inflamation and speed up recovery of micro tears. I know the Australian cricketers Particulary the Fast bowlers all have ice baths after a hard day in the field.

so the idea should be apply heat before warm up, hang then lightly stretch and apply some cold water to your dick at the end of the session???



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