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Condom size


Condom size

I haven’t had sex a whole lot in my life as my current g/f is the first girl for me to fuck. Well Recently my condom broke when we were having sex.. not only that but 2 out of the 3 condoms in the box I bought broke. luckly she is on the pill , but still she was 2 days late and that was alot more worring than i like to bother with..

I bought some that were thin for better sensation or some shit like that.. I just grabbed the closest box of condoms, Won’t make that mistake again, but anyway i was wanting to know if somebody could tell me what kind of condoms i need to be buying(i’m 7.7x 5.8 to 5.9”). although I don’t think i’ll be buying the thin kind again, I don’t want to buy a magnum and have it be too large to stay on. I just dont want this to happen again with her or in the future with somebody who isin’t on birth control. I could use any suggestions thanks alot


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At your size, I don’t believe you’ll find magnums too large. They are definitely what you should be using.


Thanks for the help

Going for 9

Yea I’m pretty much your size at 7.5x6” and I can wear either Trojan Magnums, or Magnum XLs. Theres only a slight difference in the girth between the two and the XLs may be slightly longer. I’m wondering what I’ll do when I start complaining because the XLs are too tight?

When I was 5.25 girth, regular condoms were pretty tight already. My wife says condoms are very uncomfortable to her, so I haven’t used but a few since starting PE. The regular ones are still ok, but very tight at 5.5 or a little more girth.

I have had a problem too! I get a ring around my penis after wearing a condom and the hard-ons sometimes go bye-bye because I feel the circulation is being cut off. I haven’t started PEing yet but my girth is pretty good(6.25length x 5.6 girth). I find what works for me now is to only put the condom on so far, really slightly over the penis tip, and that way it stays on, at least for me, and the circulation is not cut off. When I get to my goal of over 8 length, then I’ll go to a bigger size like a magnum.

Condom size mainly varies in girth. If your girth warants the larger size go get em and be proud.

Originally posted by PatBateman
I feel the circulation is being cut off.

Same thing here. Eventough I just have gained in lenght wise (my girth is still 5.2). Im getting the feeling that my orgasm is being sufocated.

Guys, remember proper fit is CRUCIAL to condom performance as a protectant agains std’s and pregnancy. Sounds like some of you are stretching things a bit? Move on up a size, and smile :)

I recently found myself in the same boat, since I received some girth gains. Originally my girth was 5 1/8 in. but then I gained a quarter inch going up to 5 3/8 in. I usually go bare back with my girl but I was getting paranoid about having another kid so we used a condom. To my surprise the dam thing left a deep ring around the base, I thought awe she probably just had some different brand of condoms.

But then I used one of mine a week later, and dam it was tight as hell too. I never knew a 1/4 in. could make such a difference, as it is I already believed that when you wear a condom it reduces your girth slightly. So now that I am borderline between two sizes I really believe that. Regardless I feel like a fool strolling into a store to buy some magnums with a six inch dick.
No thanks.

With my luck some hot chick would call my bluff,
and find out I got a beenie baby, I’d probably have to :sneak:

Just don’t buy them from a hot chick. You really should buy a couple to see how they fit.

Even with 6” length it’s perfectly reasonable to say that regular condoms are too tight anyway.


Lucky bastards. I can only dream of going into a pharmacy and buying “large” condoms.

Prickle- keep at it and you won’t have to dream

Going for 9

Hmmm,,, never knew that.. I thought the Mag xl’s were for guiys around 10” or so… When I was in the Military I used rubbers all the time and only had a couple break.. I was 8” x 6.5” back then and it didn’t matter if I or the girl I was with put it on, it was always to tight and made my dick look funny… I’m gonna buy some Mag xl’s… If they fall off I’m gonna hunt ya down RB LOL!

Condoms dont break because on your size, even the regular ones can be stretched a ton. If you dont believe me try filling one of with water, they can hold several gallons. They break do to friction, which for the most part is caused by the girl not lubricating, so try using some lubricant and the condom wont break.

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