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condom info?

condom info?

One of my goals in PE is to grow to a larger condom as a hallmark acheivement of sorts… I was curious though, most condoms, or at least my durex’s go to about 7”.

Anyone know at what girth measurement or length measurement other condoms become default for? I imagine “beyond seven” is obviously for lengths of longer than 7”, but I wonder about the magnum brands, I can’t find it anywhere on the box, but I know the magnums are primarily for girth…

Anyone got some more in depth personal info? I’m gonna check it out on the net now…

Just curious, figure it’d be an easy goal and one where I’d be ultimately satisfied if I only gained 1” or 3”.. can’t wait for my PJ to arrive!


Condomania is great for sizes and comparisons of brands.

I think that Durex Avanti are the largest by girth, something like 6” girth, but they are only average for length.

Trojan Magnum XL is larger than the regular Magnum and about 30 % larger than regular condoms. Avanti is wide but unpleasantly “crinkly” because it is made of poly, not rubber, but it does transfer heat better.

Go for the XLs when you’re ready. You may get satisfying “double takes” from clerks when you buy them. Certainly, knowing they’re the only thing you can fit in makes the PE worthwhile.



yes id like to now when a regular condom is too small, when the large is to small, when is it time for the xl!

im married so i havent used a condom in yrs since pe, so id like to know what i measure up to!!!!

cyber! 8~1/4 by 6

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