Conditioning, Deconditioning and IPR?

I have been keeping up with these IPR threads, lately, and something hit me.

Before beginning an IPR program, I see that a decondition break is recommended. But in the Newbie Forum I see that if someone hasn’t been PE’ing consistently, even if they are not completely new to PE, it is said that they are no longer conditioned, and should start with the Newbie routine.

This seems to contradict the IPR deconditioning thought. Because, from what I understand, though an IPR program is not large volume in amount of time training, total, it is suppose to be kind of intense.

These two thoughts seem to contradict each other.

If someone understands this better than I seem to, I would appreciate understanding the difference.


Related to IPR, when I read over Bib’s hanging philosophy, it seems that they are a little similar minus the deconditioning phase.

I know Bib didn’t use an ADS, but the thought to hang in the fatigued state is kind of ADS’ing in that it would promote healing in a longer state. Of course, most people don’t have 8 hours a day to hang, nor do they probably want to use 40 something pounds to get gains, but there are some similarities in the two routines in a very simplest terms kind of way.