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Conditioning advice needed.

Conditioning advice needed.

Whilst I have not quite reached my goal of 7 BPEL I have managed to get to 6.6 BPEL, a gain of about 1/2 an inch over 18 months of ADS, manual stretching and hanging. I haven’t made any gains for a few months now and have decided it could be time for a break. I am now at least average length which is something I always dreamed of, so thank god for Thunders Place. I now plan to start to spend my time trying to increase my girth. However, i do have a problem. In 1997 had a botched enlargement surgery, this has now largelly fixed itself as most of the fat injected in to my penis has been reabsorbed. Unfortunately because of the thin layer of fat still left I can’t jelq as after a few days of pressure the fat forms into little lumps and bumps. One solution to this is to clamp. The problem with this is that clamping is an advanced form of PE which should only be done after your penis is conditioned through jelqing. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do to condition my penis to clamp without jelqing. Would pumping do this, and if so can anyone suggest a good pump to buy that can be ordered from within the UK?

While I’m still fairly new myself, I’ll bet the tried and true would work well here: Start slowly. How about starting with a rubber cock ring and wearing that off and on throughout the day. Then, buy a clamp and put it on snugly but not clamped too tightly. Work your way up to more pressure throughout the period of a few months until maybe your third month, fully clamp with one clamp. After that, use two clamps and incorporate more pressure.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Gut, that sounds like a good idea. Its strange I gave someone the exact same advice concerning hanging the other day, yet completely ignored it myself.

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