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Condition surfaces during PE....

Condition surfaces during PE....

Background: A month after I started PEing (~Apr 04 timeframe) I had a small hard bump appear just under the head of my penis on the right side after a serious wet jelq session. I laid off the jelqs for a month, but it came back. Then I laid off until about 3 weeks ago (only stretching). I was guessing a thrombosed vein. It also appears during prolonged erections ( a quickie maybe not; but a long sex session it would appear). I also felt a little sensation in the area as well.

That was Apr-Aug. I have decided to engage in a moderate girth routine in conjunction with my stretching. I perform 100 dry jelqs ala 50 from the base to half way up, then 50 from half way on up. I do about 200-300 depending on how that bump is reacting. In between the dry jelqs I do some Uli squeezes/holds for about 1 minute each (I end up doing 10-20). Once that bump appears it may also bring along an engorged vein that runs from my frenulum area around my penis (about an inch or so). Sorta wants to “creep” around incrementally. When this starts to happen I stop and firmly massage the area for a minute or so and this causes the bump and vein to subside. Then I start all over again and end up finishing with a massage to the area.

Can anyone comment on what is going on? Am I nursing a thrombosed vein? Am I on the verge of making it worse? Is this just something I should deal with while I PE? Should I go back to only stretching?

I don’t know, but I’ve noticed something similar. Mine’s on the left ventral side of the penis, just south of the glans. I attribute it to jelqing too close to the glans and/or at too high an erection level.

I’ve discovered a fairly simple way of dealing with it. I jelq palm down. As my OK grip approaches my glans, I relax the grip somewhat and also apply a tighter grip just below the glans directly over the bump using my 2 middle fingers. This compresses the bump and prevents the vein, or whatever it is, from expanding. I’ve found that I can now jelq with no discomfort.

I think you want to be very careful with this sort of thing. Let’s see what other people have to say.

I’ve had a similar problem. I found out that it’s from not doing a warm up hot wrap and cool down hot wrap. I suggest you shower after you do your jelqing and hot wrap before. Use a washcloth with hot water (don’t burn yourself) but hot enough so your penis is red after applying the hot wrap for a few minutes. This cleared mine up. I think it’s called the ‘donut’ effect.

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