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Concise Obend explanation


Hey deadeye, can I get that link to the 10 sec obend video.


There is no obend video. The exercises very closely resembles the Sadsak Slinky Sadsak Slinky - Step by Step

This is basically how I do the obends. Instead of rolling the bend I hold the bend.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Deadeye, how is your progress going with these obends?

Does your penis ache afterwards? Mine dosent feel stretched or anything, I am finding it hard to get enough pressure there. I still havent achieved anything yet.


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

You don’t remember the video that one guy did? it was like ten seconds and he was trying to get it right.

The video you refer to T was from a guy who didn’t know how to do the excersise. I don’t see where it does you any good to see an exercises done the wrong way.

I’ve seen some growth from this exercises Roid. Measuring seems pointless when dealing in 1/16 increments. I have very different sizes depending on where you measure. What I have noticed is the base seems to be growing more than anywhere else. So I think I’m going to try some different thing with the base hand. Like moving it up the shaft and working the bend directly against the OK grip all the way up the shaft. I’ve been adding fingers to simulate moving the OK grip upwards.

I started this exercises on Jan 1. The gains I’m seeing if they continue over time will be impressive. As for right now maybe .05 of girth mid shaft. And thats two months and 9 days of time spent on this exercises. Not sure how much at the base, but it’s almost a half inch bigger than my mid shaft. I’m not sure of my starting point with the measurements but that seems like a big difference to me.

Measuring is such a pain and very inconsistent. Especially as far as girth is concerned.

Originally Posted by deadeye3200
As for right now maybe .05 of girth mid shaft.

Do you mean 0.5”?


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

I meant 1/16

I don’t think I ever linked this thread to the original thread! This is where it all started:

- My Girlfriend said those lovely words…

I was experimenting with wet obends tonight. And it is very intense indeed. The lube (I use Vaseline) keeps the skin from getting hung up under your grip. It hits deep down, it bends easier, and the base hand can slide forward increasing the pressure.

This is what I did:

Normal warm up
Standard wet jelq, reverse OK grip
Because you want to jelq at a higher erection level the two exercises go together well. I jelq until the erection subsides, then I make the bends. Moving the OK grip up the shaft bend hold to 10 seconds move grip. I do this until the erection is to soft. Shake it out, slap it around, start all over.

I got a very good workout doing this.


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