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Concerns about what to do now.

Concerns about what to do now.

OK I am a hanger, I have been hanging for approximately 4 months, and I have to say that I’ve grown addicted to hanging b/c it has been working. The weight goes up and my penis feels different.

Now here is my current dilemma, I want girth now!! I have been working on length this whole time. I have grown some, I have also noticed that my dick has gotten thicker at the base and mid-shaft, and I guess its b/c of hanging…I know about the base girth getting ‘thicker’ from hanging because I’ve gone up a 1/4 inch in girth, however I just don’t believe more progressive girth gains can transpire from just hanging.

So, although at the advice of other forum members in the past, what would be a big time reason not to hang and pump at the same time, I mean one day hang one day pump, and do that 6-7 days a week. Do girth gains really impede length gains a great deal?

I am almost 7 inches now bp, but I want longer, so what do you guys think, especially you member old timers? Do you guys think it would be that big of an impediment to do both girth and length exercises together, will one truly adversely slow down another?

I guess I think gaining .50 inches in length is good, and I’m ready to get another .25 inches in girth too, but I don’t want to stop the lengthening process, but I don’t think hanging can give constant girth increases.

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Be patient, accomplish your length goal.

Do girth gains really impede length gains a great deal?

1. It can hinder hanging caused by discomfort. When I have a plumper rod, the hanger tends to not grip the internal structures well enough. The hanger will slide towards the head and cause skin irritation.

2. Girth work takes away from valuable time that can be devoted to hanging. You have a choice: You can either do 1 hour of girth work, or you can do 2 more sets of hanging per day. The more hanging you do the faster you will reach your length goal. Then you can do all the girth work you wish. Logical, yes?

There’s another reason that more girth slows down length gains, but I can’t remember it. :(

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If you have lots of time, I’d say work on both. Just make sure you do your girth work after you hang because it may be uncomfortable and even painful if you hang after a girth routine.

Make sure to take breaks at least once a week.

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Hanging question

Big Tee, Did you start out Hanging or did you do stretching and jelqing first? I ask this because I want to hang but I haven’t done any of the other exercises. Also, how much have you gained?Any help would be great


When you ready take a break from hanging and switch to a all girth workout for a couple of months and than switch back to a hanging for length routine. The time needed to do both well would be huge.

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Some great gains there BigT. Can you tell us the exact routine you did?

PS Does anyone know why I can’t start any new threads myself. I’ve been a member for quite a while now, and would like to contribute a bit more. thanks and apologies to BigT for interupting!!!


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JB, You need to get to 20 posts before being able to start any new threads (under 20 threads and the Newbie Forum is the only one available to start new threads).

Another 13 then. Might aswell do it now.

Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

and thanks!! (hmm)

Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

Thanks for the valuable advice.

I think I will stick with hanging 2 more months, and then go to two months of pumping and jelqing. Several of you gave some really great advice.

If anyone else still feels like chiming in, feel free.

If some of you have questions about newbie routines etc PM me or ask in the Newbie forum…thanks!

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

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