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Concerned about PJ...

Concerned about PJ...

I just completed my first session with the PJ. Here’s my problem: A few hours after jelqing, my penis size seemed to shrivel more than usual. After manual jelqing, I seemed to hang more full and heavy. But for some reason after using the PJ, my member just about went away.

This really upsets me. Has anyone had the same problem? Could I be doing something wrong, in terms of technique that is? Also, how long do people usually ‘hang heavy’ after a jelqing session?

Any information would be helpful. Thanks much!

me too...

… this also happens to me, I posted about it before, but not much of a response as to why it happens? I’d love to know what anyone else thinks?


How long are your sessions? they should be no longer than 20 min, remeber that the powerjelq is more intense squeezing than manual jelqing. also how hard are you squeezing?

Acer and Gorf,

When this happened to me I understood it to be a signal that I had done something that my unit did not like.

I tried jelqing with the home made jelq sticks based on Tom Hubbard’s designs and found that my unit felt “beaten up” after a short session if you get my drift. I could not stand to do any jelqing with the “rollers” making contact with the top and bottom of the shaft. The CS was always in pain when I tried to do this. Squeezing any lighter did not draw enough blood towards the head so I gave up on it and stuck to manual jelqing. With manual jelqing I often hung heavy for a half hour to an hour afterwards.

Is either one of you powerjelqing on the top and bottom of the shaft?
I have read somewhere in this forum that powerjelqing on the sides is preferable as you don’t risk damage to the dorsal nerve which is found on the top side of the penis near the glans.

Interestingly, I have found that on those occasions when I cautiously tried out fully erect jelqing my unit shriveled up afterwards and did not hang heavy at all. Upping the intensity in this way always resulted in a subsequently shrivelled unit that was often accompanied by mild discomfort. I always took advantage of extra rest days when this happened .
BTW, the above was tried out after five months of jelqing. Beginners beware.

My opinion is that you are doing something to your units that they do not like.

Any questions?

Just ask,


I think its the fact that the PJ puts much more intensity on your penis and so will cause a lot more trauma to the penis. So don’t do too long lasting PJ sessions. A penis will retract to the body either when it has incurred damage, it’s cold or blood is needed elsewhere.


To answer your question, I jelq on the top/bottom. I find that jelqing on the sides makes it harder to control the PJ. I’ve only had two PJ sessions so far, each lasting 15-20 minutes.

I’ve never had any pain while jelqing, although I did notice that maybe I was squeezing a little too hard because everytime I would do it, I felt something twinge in my member. Nothing serious, though…at least I hope.

Anyway, I’m going to try PJ in the morning during the shower, and manual jelq in the evenings. Do you think this is too much?

Thanks again for the replies!


the most important thing I noticed about your post is that you mentioned a twinge. Where do you feel it?

While some have had success with 2 or more workouts per day I think PJ in the morning is enough. Save the multiple workouts per day as a shock routine in case you experience growth and then find you have hit a plateau. I strongly believe that your unit needs to recuperate because growth, if you are fortunate enough to experience any, will take place during rest periods.

I will say more on the subject in a Private Message.



Thanks for the advice. My unit feels pretty worn out, but I’m confident there’s nothing unusual going on. I had a pretty good work out, including the 500 or so kegels I did on top of that. The twinge I was referring to was at the base, on the top part of my member. Haven’t felt anything wrong since. By the way, my unit does feel more full now.

I’m gonna relax for the next day or two and take it from there. Thanks again for your help/concern.

The PJ takes a little while to get the hang of, so you need to give it a couple of tries to get full use out of it. Don’t squeeze too hard either, too much doesn’t improve it’s effectiveness. Controlled slow power-jelqs for no longer than 15-20 mins will really get good results after a short period. You don’t want to squeeze too hard with the rollers, all you need is a firm pressure feeling when the rollers do a power-jelq, your penile tissues should not be squeezed more than past half it’s thickness, top and bottom. The entire jelq should take no longer than 3-4 seconds at best.

If you need an even bigger girth exc. then you should pc squeeze at the moment the rollers roll up to just below the head. Quick and gentle tugs at the moment the rollers reach just below the head help with girth as well as length.

Are you fully warmed up before you begin? If not, you must do a hot wrap, or PJ in the shower.

>> you should pc squeeze at the moment the rollers roll up to just below the head

A great way to keep blood in the tissue while doing the exercises.

— Mainly, I think people just starting with the PJ don’t realize how much of a workout they are getting with only 30-50 slow and intense jelqs. This is, in my opinion, the equivilent of 300-500 hand jelqs. So, you are most likely overdoing it. Try doing fewer, slower, more intense jelqs (flexing your PC is key if you really want to explode your girth), and make sure that you are fully warmed up.

Gee, I don’t know about that. When I started PJing six months ago, I only did about 200-250 reps and that was it. But now, after I finish that 250, I feel like I could still go for a longer session, so that’s what I’m doing. I lose track of time while jelqing and I guesstimate that I probably do about 300-400 reps before the friction gets to me. Perhaps I naturally picked up on what I was missing before that kept me from getting dramatic gains. I always feel that after doing about 300 reps that I could do more, but I am attentive to my dick so I don’t overdo it.

Also to be noted is that my rollers on the device have been broken in, giving it an oval shaped opening in the center, and you know what? I think the PowerJelq works better once those rollers are “broken in”. You may have to squeeze a little harder, but I feel now that the force is more evenly and naturally distributed.

Perhaps my dick takes longer to get “into it” while jelqing and I have to do more reps, who knows? Going at it longer seems to be working better for me right now, so I’m goin’ all out.

Hopefully soon, calling my dick a “dick” won’t suffice…and it can only be referred to as a “cock”.
“Cock” is such a bigger sounding word, ya know?

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