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Concern over veins?

Concern over veins?

I’ve been doing some serious PE for a while now. My penis does not respond very well to light exercises or the “less is more” approach. I have already gained .75” in girth since I have started and the light exercises never worked.

What I’m concerned with is the possible damage I am doing to my veins. After I clamp, some of the veins around my base get hard. After a couple of minutes it goes away but it still concerns me.

Is there anything you can do to avoid vein damage? Anyone experienced venous leakage(confirmed by doctor) due to advanced exercises?

I have veinous leakage (confirmed by doctor) and it’s much improved since I started PE. How hard do your veins get? Are they “hard ” because of the engorgement? Are talking about the smaller veins that are visible on the top, or the larger ones that are generally on the sides? Then ones on the sides of my penis get big and engorged, and they are easily felt, but I’d not consider them hard. Be careful until you’re sure you’re not doing any damage!

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It’s the main ones on the sides. The thing that scares me is that they stay hard for a minute even after I take the clamp off.

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