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Coming out of the closet...


I dunno bro, even if you’d be able to PE more if you could do it in front of her, I think your sex would be better if she didn’t see you doing that shit. Psychologically. If you just turn up with a bigger dick, it’s gonna turn her on more than seeing you sat around with weights hanging off your penis every night. If you’re seeing gains doing what you’re doing now, keep it up.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I had told my soon to be ex wife about it and she reacted negatively to it. I think she believed that I may have been doing it because her “cash&prizes” was too loose or something. Which could not have been farther from the truth.

It seems a non challant conversation would be a way to test the waters.

Originally Posted by johnsonwax
…This has to do with coming clean with your spouse. Here’s my dilemma, she knows I do this stuff, she’s found all the exercises I’ve printed, the pump, weights, etc. She notices the time I spend in the tub. But, how do I come around and just sit in my living room with 20lbs around my cock while she’s sitting in the other couch…

How did you come around to do your PEing in front of your significant other?

You are right, jumping right in with weights hanging off of your unit is not the way to go. Most of the guys have found that easing in to it will let her adjust to the whole idea. First the Bunny Slippers, then slippers with Viking Helmet, then slippers, helmet, and beach towel-cape. Then and only then do you add the weight to the whole ensemble. Most of the guys find that by doing this over the course of a week or two their spouses don’t say a word by the time they finally add weights to their penis. In fact the spouses seem quite relieved to have you just PEing in the living room, rather than wearing the whole outfit to do yard work on the week end.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Iamaru, your wisdom never fails to amaze me.

Horny Bastard

My wife knows because I told her that I was going to try it. She said she was against it — and I said, “Well, OK”.

However, I would never let her see the contortions my poor dick is subjected to. She’s seen the devices in the box and just shakes her head. I think it would upset her to see her little toy fitted, however. She has asked to see, and I say, “Do I ask to see you change plugs when you’re chumming?”

Perhaps you should get a different device to wear when you’re around her that can be kept hidden and keep the hanging to yourself.

I mean to say, my wife knows I’ve got it on, but I doubt she could handle seeing the process. I’m afraid her attitude would change for the worse.

I have been clamping a lot lately, and I take a whole aspirin each day. As a result, my dick gets so bruised and blue and purple looking after clamping from the capillary leakage I suppose. Anyway, even after 24 hours, the discoloration is only about 70% gone. Despite this, my wife has never noticed or mentioned anything at all about it, even though I am lucky enough to get frequent BJ’s. She must be used to it by now, like it is normal for a dick to change colors every time you look at it, like a chameleon or something. :chuckle:

Horny Bastard


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