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Comin up on 2 months

Comin up on 2 months

Alright so I have been at it for 2 months now. I still have not really seen any length gains maybe at most, .2 of an inch. I do not know if I am just doing this wrong or not fit to grow. My girth although has grown definitely .2-.3, which is a plus side. I just don’t want to lose my faith in it and stop altogether. I have been doing stretches manually and notice my flaccid stretch is longer but my erect is yet. My flaccid size is just about the same I can’t tell if any size because at different times it is bigger then others yea know. I just need some messages saying I’m on the right track I guess I’m just frustrated because id figured I would have gained a noticeable amount so far. For the good part though, my erections have been alot harder which is a plus. Hopefully length gains will just start shooting up to a noticeable margin. I just would like to gain a inch so I’m over average maybe considered big. Anything to shoot my length up would be helpful.

Thanks alot

Biggun, it sound like you are on the right track…it’s been just a few weeks for me and I’ve saw ~1/8inch gain in length, that’s not much but nonetheless…I say stick with it. If you are noticing fuller erections and a slight increase in length/girth I say you are doing just fine…What did you start with?

I started with doing 10 minutes of stretching manually, a warm up and 10 minutes of jelqing then a warm down. Nothing too technical. I’m just eager to get my first inch I think. I just gotta stick with it. I thought it would come in the first two months as I’ve sen others say stories like this and usually I am a fast gainer, in the weight room at least. I just figured it would come easy.

I hear ya biggun…everybody is different from what I’ve gathered….

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