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Comfy lig stretching

Comfy lig stretching

I’ve been PEing for a while now, and reading for slightly longer. I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere what I cooked up yesterday — a neat thing I came up with when working on lig stretching.

I have been doing stand up fowfers, slowly moving my hips circling forward side to side (I’m not sure if I’d want to sit on my dick, and this way I actively control the stretching). I feel like this gives good lig stretching, but unfortunatley my back gets sore from arching, which is inevitable for really good stretching. Unless… I can find of a fix for it, which is what I think I did: I fold a cloth several times, essentially making a thick band out of it; then thread this “band” over the base and behind the thighs, pull the unit back and trap it. Now I just reach back and pull the ends of the band back and up until desired lig stretch is attained. This saves a lot of exaggerated wiggling the hips and arching the back: The thicker the band is, the more upright and comfortable I can stand working on the ligs.

I’m lost here. What’s holding on to the unit to provide the stretch?

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Sorry if my explanations might be shoddy… that’s what got me messed up haircuts until I started DIY with a hariclipper, but that’s another story :)

The folded cloth (or whatever you use as a thick band, a ribbon may be a better word) is what provides the extra downward/backward tug for the unit. I place the center of this ribbon over the base of the shaft, and thread the ends around the sack and between the thighs; pull the ribbon by its ends backward as far as it will go, and this places the unit firmly behind the thighs. The reslut of this is that I don’t have to push my hips forward nearly as much to achieve a good lig stretch, as I would need to without the aid of this ribbon.

Front viewed position after threading the ribbon in place:
…~~~|………|~|<-Unit..|~~~<-Ribbon; I use app. 1.5”-2” wide, 0.5” thick, 12”+ long cloth.
………|………|:) .|……….|<-smiley=dickhead

Now, pull the ribbon back by its ends, clamp the thighs together with the unit behind them, and stretching force will be applied over the base of the shaft as the ribbon is tucked between the thighs, resulting in a lig stretch similar to that of a fowfer, except you can stand up and exercise active stretching with gentle movement of the hips forward and sideways.

Originally Posted by Ideal

………|………|:) .|……….|<-smiley=dickhead

I like that. Should we all just agree right now that particular smiley will always equal a dickhead?

Well described, Ideal. I can see why something like the folded cloth would be necessary for this stretch. When I’ve tried it, the package always tries to squirm back to the front side unless it is very well pulled back into that little pocket between the buttcheeks and thighs.

What you are doing is sort of a standing variation of something Doc used to talk about:




Yes that’s the basic position, with the difference being this thick cloth acting both as a firm fulcrum for the unit, and giving it extra stretch passively; meaning I don’t need to move my hips and arch my back much at all in order to actively add stretching. I’m doing this 6days/7 for just 3-5 minutes a day, one minute at a time. The ligs feel stretched out pretty soon because of the active work with hips and back. All in all, I’m not doing any exercises which cut off circulation for prolonged times, and I’m mildly enthusiastic about this stretch after I threw in the cloth.

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