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It’s my first time writing-started PE in January, 2002. Gains came right away for me and it’s very encouraging. For the past month, though, I’ve had to stop completely. The head of my penis is very cold-also a white, horseshoe shaped “blanching” at right side of glans. There is also pain.

Last week I went to see a urologist but didn’t say anything about PE. Antibiotics given and I was questioned if I ride a bicycle often, which I do not. Called the urologist today on the phone and all he would do was write for a different antibiotic, which I declined.

Now it is cold mainly when I sit down, after even less than one minute. I’m trying to stay optomistic, but I am so worried.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to this or have any ideas of what I could do? Anything would really be appreciated.


I don’t know what’s going on for you.

From what you describe, (and I’m not a doctor) I don’t see what good an antibiotic would do, but perhaps your uro has some idea what the issue is and thinks that’s a good idea, and he may be right.

Problems are, with PE: Most of it feels so damned good that we tend to overdo exercises in the beginning, esp. with size gain encouragement, and this can result in tissue and/or neural bruising. And, if we get into trouble, the last thing we want to tell our doctors is that we were doing exercises to make our dicks bigger.

How come that is?

We’re embarrassed.

Ironic, I know, because the liklihood is that my uro and general doc both probably wish their dicks were bigger. I don’t doubt that. If not, why are you and I and all these guys here doing this?

If I had your symptoms, I’d massage the area gently several times a day with a lot of lubricant (oxygenated blood flow in = cleansing), and hold off on any PE, and I’d tell my doctor up-front what I was doing when this happened. He asked you about biking because bikers often experience something similar because bike seats are not designed to cushion the penile neural system. It’s not a great step beyond biking to say you’re trying to get a bigger dick. These people (doctors) have heard it all, anyway. :-)

Call him back. Own up. He may then shift gears, as it were, real quickly and tell you to do something that will resolve this. If so, share the info with us.

Hope this helps.



Hey nabc,

You need to go back to the urologist, or perhaps a different urologist and explain to him about the “coldness”. That is probably why he asked you if you were bike riding, he wanted to get an idea of what caused your condition. Tell the Doc the truth and let him know the antibiotics aren’t getting to the problem. I know it will be embarassing, but you have to do it. Do it soon, don’t risk a permanent injury because it is embarassing. Just do it and get it over with.

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Thanks very much to each of you for responding. I wish the first post I made here wasn’t about a problem because ever since I found out about this a few months ago, everything has been so great and positive. This forum has helped very much and I thank you for taking the time to reply.

You are absolutely correct and I will schedule to see a new urologist. Thanks again, I am hopeful to start again as soon as everything gets back to normal, at a very slow pace. You guys are terrific and really do make a difference.


Good luck let us know how it goes.




What is your PE routine? You probably do it right but maybe if you describe how exactly you do the exercises we can find what might cause the problem.

“A white, horseshoe shaped “blanching” at right side of glans” - this imo indicates there’s some blood flow problem to this specific part.

Keep us posted.

ù ì å í


Just back from urologist-finally. Had to go through primary care physician for referral and wait for appointment. (I had paid $140 to see first urologist who said he could only offer antibiotics, he didn’t know what to do if they weren’t effective.)
Symptoms are actually worse (cold at head, especially if sitting, pain has increased, strange coloration- at right side at tip of glans has a big red dot with a large white circle around it. Also, if I have an erection, the color of the head afterwards is very, very dark.)

It’s hard to say that I don’t feel a whole lot better after seeing urologist today. I told him the whole story about starting PE. He advised aspirin (every 4-6 hrs to open blood vessels) and ice. When I really questioned the ice he changed to recommending heat. He said he didn’t believe it was anything serious or permanent which made me feel better but I’m not sure how much confidence to have in him. He said nothing of Doppler. He did say I may have burst a blood vessel. As I’m only a little familiar with aneurysm, rupture, etc (in other areas of body), I don’t know what can be done for it.

Can anyone help me? Would love to believe the urologist that it’s nothing serious, but I would think it would be getting better over time, rather than worse. Any advice could really help me. Thanks again.

>> Also, if I have an erection, the color of the head afterwards is very, very dark.) >>

I am no urologist but common sense and a crude medical knowlege of the area involved would lead me to think that if you are still capable of an erection with all this pain and fear and stress that it will resolve over time.

>>When I really questioned the ice he changed to recommending heat. >>

His initial thought about the ice was probably aimed at offering a little relief from pain, I think you did right by questioning it though.
I ususally recommend cold in the first 24-48 hours after an injury then heat thereafter.

>>He said nothing of Doppler.>>

My guess is you are in an HMO or some similar insurance situation.
Do you have a followup visit? If not, why not? I would think that doppler studies would be indicated if after a reasonable period of conservative treatment you got no better and definitely if you get worse. It seems to me you have a right as a patient to a diagnosis (even if it is a crude hypothesis as to what he thinks is likely to be going on) and a plan of action (either diagnostic or therapuetic) if you fail to improve within whatever parameters are set.

My best armchair diagnosis is that a small artery occluded and the tissues are ischemic (blood deprive) but not to the point of cell death probably due to collateral circulation of nearby blood vessels. If this is the case over time the vessel could reopen or not. If not eventually this will resolve but you could end up with a permanent color change or even a little depressed area compared with the surrounding mucosa (skin). Good luck and keep us posted.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

can’t thank you enough for your response. i’ll go ahead with heat/aspirin but may call back to urologist to ask what he thinks of doppler testing (you are right in that i’m in hmo-authorized 3 visits.) the fact that erections still possible is really helpful in remaining positive.

your thoughts on an occlusion make sense. thank you for explaining. just for further information, do you know if in the event of a vessel bursting, would heat still be indicated and would something like that just repair itself?

i really appreciate that you took the time to respond. it most likely is an occlusion and it’s great for me (even with visualisation) to have received your ideas on what may be going on. THANKS!

>>would heat still be indicated and would something like that just repair itself? >>

Yes, given adequate rest and time.
Glad to be of some help.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I havent suffered the same symptums as you have but this is what I have experienced. Mainly from doing too much too early.

1. loss of feeling

2. Loss of sensation

3. Unable to get a full erection

4. Masturbation was futile, no sensation or feelings

I stopped jelqing for one week then started again but it was too soon. Although I had some sensation return my penis didn’t feel right so I stopped all activity for one month.

Thankfully, all my sensatons have returned and my penis appears and feels normal again.

Having only started back into the exercises this week, I am taking it very slow and easy.

I hope you have stopped all exercise meantime, just give it a month and see how you go but keep up with the aspirin and warmups.

Don’t overdo the Aspirin, suggest half tablet daily.
(I am no doctor but am anti drugs)

I hope this will give you some relief from any anguish, but afraid it doesnt help solve your problem.

Health is Wealth

I agree with Luv, but would recommend ibuprofen as well as aspirin. They are both anti-inflammatory meds, but act in different ways, and they will generally not interact with one another. Ibuprofen has a certain quality that aids in increasing vascularization of inflammed connective tissues to promote healing. Just one of each every 4-6 hours or so - don’t take a handful. However, do be sure to take them so that the level of the medication in your body stays relatively constant. Drink plenty of water while taking the ibuprofen too as it will help the kidneys rid your body of the medication by products.

Also, I saw these little pads in a grocery store the other day that were intended as heating pads for the alleviation of nocturnal menstrual cramps. They are disposable, but apparently stay warm for 8 hours. It might be worth looking into for you.


Thanks for posting the news, hope the aspirin helps improve circulation to the damaged area and you will feel better soon.

About the ibuorofen suggestion, there is evidence that ibuprofen, (known under the brand names Advil and Motrin) reduces the effects of aspirin if the two drugs are taken together. Check with the doctor before you decide to take ibuprofen cause it may hinder the blood thining effect of the aspirin.

ù ì å í


>>there is evidence that ibuprofen, (known under the brand names Advil and Motrin) reduces the effects of aspirin if the two drugs are taken together.>>

I don’t think I would worry about this.
In fact I don’t think I would take aspirin, only Ibuprofen 400 three times a day.
The concern about aspirin is that when used for “thinning the blood” aspirin is a longer acting drug. In fact it is an irreversible platelet inactivator. All platelets that are produced with aspirin on board are irreversibly inhibited till they leave the circulation about a week later. This is useful for prevention of heart attacks and strokes.
Ibuprofen is an reversible inhibitor so when taken together it competes with aspirin for receptor sites to act on. When there is no more ibuprofen present the proportion of platelets that were previously inhibited revert to normal clotting functionality.
For this purpose, If you are takeing at least one or two doses a day of ibuprofen you are already getting platelet inhibition (which would seem what you want and to a certain degree tolerable)
Now if I knew I had heart disease and was using aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes, I think I would continue with the aspirin and not use ibuprofen (or any NSAID) and only take tylenol or other non platelet affecting pain reliever for discomfort if any is present.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

thank you once again for all the help. i really feel indebted to each of you and and to this forum. it’s been almost 2 months since doing pe for me, and i had only done it for about 6 weeks prior to this setback. just want to emphasize to those new to this (like myself): when those who are experienced say that an exercise is not for new people, they have a reason. sure don’t want to sound preachy, especially because i myself didn’t take the warning. i’m almost certain my current circumstances are due to trying an exercise to increase size of the head. i only did it twice, but i think it’s what caused this problem. the advice given with this particular exercise was not to do it until at least 6 months of pe.

also want to make it clear that i absolutely recommend pe for those wanting to start, woking gradually and thinking long-term, like so many have said. in 6 weeks i gained 1/2” in length, which has stayed, and 1/4” in girth, which i’ve now lost.

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