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"Cold" measurements

"Cold" measurements

I don’t know how you guys measure and when. But I was thinking, to see the real results, that a “cold” measurement would be the most accurate to reflect someones gains.

What I mean by this is, measuring out of the blue, not right before a workout or after, or after the warm-up and so forth. I was wondering if you guys sometimes whip out your dick, get it up to its fullest capacity and measure, say on one of your days off and before any preparation for an upcoming workout?

It would be interesting to find out, how much the measurements fluctuate.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Yes when doing wrap or girth exercizes it will actually be in a swollen state for days. However, it is different with length. After any PE (except for pumping) it is not as long. The reason is that it just has problems getting totally fully erect at the highest level. After a few days off it is at defcon 3 lol or level 4 or whatever you want to say is fully hard.


I never take official measurements on a workout day. What I’ve typically done is to wait until the morning after a full rest day and measure when I get out of bed (ie the morning woodie).


I measure spontaneously at random whenever….

it doesn’t fluctuate at all for me I find, except for girth. the maximum difference in length I get from measuring on a rest day to measuring after a workout is maybe 1-2mm, almost undetectable.

girth however variates by up to about a whole centimeter or so, so I only measure when it’s totally rested, no soreness, no red spots or any other indicators it’s still bloated or healing.

btw always use the exact same measuring methods (Eg dead stretch bone pressed and my masking tape girth method) :)


the fluctuation of an entire centimeter is a lot. I wonder what the reasons are for that. Could be the environment, time of day or some other influences. I always measure on an Off day. I find the measurements to be more accurate but I also run into differences from time to time. Not as significant as yours, secjay, but still. I believe a totally accurate measurement is not possible.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


Just to clarify in case you didn’t get what I was on about - length doesn’t fluctuate much at all… as I said maybe a mil or two… if that…

girth on the other hand, fluctuates by quite a bit due to swell directly after exercise….
if I leave it for a few days it levels out and returns to normal, with or without a gain (usually without)

just incase..


I didn’t get you wrong, Bro. Just to let you know….

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Dear Uncut !

I also measure ( like most of the others ) not at a workout day . I measure the second day after my last workout .

See you soon wantmore

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