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Cockring, TIGHT AS HELL!!


Cockring, TIGHT AS HELL!!

I’ve been wanking off very often lately! :D
Just to make that correct, 1-5 times daily… hehe

And have start using the end ring of a condom double wrapped around
the base (not behind balls too)

This gives me of-course alot of veins and a amazingly hard erection.
Although its so tight that it leaves a mark when I’m done that lasts
about 2 or 3 hours after the “session” ;)

Anyways, do any of you believe that this could be used as a
girth expanding methods the same what of pumping or any
other girth exercise. To make it more clear, I like a little pain
and if you try it yourself you’ll see that a double wrapped condom ring
has a diameter of about a half inch.

Will this just give pleasure or can it be useful in PE ways too?
I’m thinking about starting to jelq soon again now that I’ve got lube again.

/Mvh rymdrattan

What it will do is give you something like gangrene if you use it for more than a half hour with an erection.



Ehm.. excuse my ignorance, but what is gangrene?

I may have to try it out. I mean, cable clamps are tight, but even so don’t seem to give enough constriction to keep me fully hard, and when using my hand it startes to ache after a while, so that makes Horse440s hard to do. Maybe this will help. Thanks for the info, rym, I hadn’t thought of doubling over a condom ring.

The trouble now is getting the right condom. I’ve noticed lately that a lot n longer have a rubber ring at the bottom but instead roll out all the way. Oh well, I can just have a lot of fun while trying to find the right brand! :D

Oh, and Gangrene is the death of tissue in part of the body.

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That sounds way too tight. Find another ring that fits you better. The smallest non-stretch ring I would even consider would be your girth minus 1/8 inch.

Gangrene body parts are amputated if that helps.

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Not for the fainthearted…

…of course, I’m sure that in a Socialist Paradise like Sweden they’ve eliminated gangrene completely… :D


Socialist parasites aside, what with -30C for some heavy going gangrene experiences… says a guy with a space heater and a box full of hot porn :)

Okey, now I’m scared :S well okey, I’m gonna stop.. but it feels good…


I love cockrings, so I use them. I use cockrings, not rubber bands, yarn, or condom bands. Get a cock ring or use nothing at all. There’s a store that sells them relatively cheap where I live (3 rings for 4.99 USD). The going rate in other stores is 15.99 for the exact same ring-set. Naturally, I walk into this particular store once a month, buy all of their rings, and resell them on eBay for as close to the “going rate” as possible. At any rate, you can find good deals on real cockrings. If for some reason you can’t, PM me and we’ll see if we can figure out a way to get you somfin for your muffin stuffer.

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I like cockrings, too. I know the subject of metal rings wasn’t mentioned, but they scare me anyway. Even though don’t embarass easily, the thought of the ER doctor having to cut one off isn’t my idea of a good time.

gangrene is bad, necrosis is worst.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

My Young, Hung Swedish Rat…

Surely in a Sexual Paradise like Sweden, you have Free Access to all sorts of cockrings… :D

P.S. A little sand in the Vaseline is great for self-abuse… :/D



Gangrene = kallbrand. Bry dig inte om vad vissa besserwissers säger. Att klämma åt under en skinnbanjo kan väl inte vara värre än att “clampa” som vissa ju säger ska vara så bra.

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avocet8 pointed out that gangrene sets in after about half an hour of total blodflow restriction. This is no joke, regardless of who you choose to call a besserwisser.
Using Swedish in an English speaking forum, to negate those words of cation is rather irresponsible.

Clamping and using cockrings is good if you do it safely: not too tight for too long.

P.s. rymdrattan,

Good, very affordable non-nickel no visible seam cockrings, with a comfortable 1/4” steel thickness (item: TB101__) can be had from “Läderverkstan” in Stockholm. They have many other rings as well; much more than any other place I’ve found in Sweden. (Kategorier >> 2 Kukringar >> 2.1 metal; 2.2 rubber; 2.3 leather)

Hi Spacerat

I’m with Ideal on this one. Look out for your tool. It should last a lifetime!
Constriction as you describe it, is probably not that good. How long do you wear it?

Take care, and Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!!

Kind regards TT

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