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Cockring, TIGHT AS HELL!!


Thanks L born,

I’ve never really been wearing jewelry but I know I’m a silver tone kind of guy. Girlfriend is very fond of handling my metal rings and I think a silver upgrade would be an appropriately luxurious present for myself when I hit my PE goal. And a nice medieval touch :cool:


I agree PEnine’s rings look well worth the plugging — so much so that I posted the link too a couple of days ago :D

Yes, he should know all about this.

Those shopping for a nice cockring, worth noting is that the price of his beautifully designed rings are very similar to the the approximate price of a sleek ring such as the one L born ordered from his local goldsmith. Also, unlike many if not most cockring vendors who offer only 5mm increment diameter sizes, he makes them in 2.5mm increments. Very nice.

Damn I really want one of those cock rings with the snakes, it’s badass! :flame:
Once I try out enough rings and find the right size, I’m going to get one for sure!

Though maybe I should wait until I have my full size first, I only want another .5” EG or so and then I’m done with girth. But I’m going to work length before I finish girth off… hmmm maybe it’ll be a while…

I just love wearing rings and badass accessories, a wicked silver ring for my cock, now that’s style!

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I just saw this. Thanks for the kind words, fellas!!!!!!.

AND Thanks, Thunder, for posting the link to my website.

You’re right, I don’t visit much, though have taken up jelquing and pumping yet again……so the interest is still there. My dick hasn’t shrunk from lack of PE attention……

Sterling Silver is nominally 92.5 % minimum Silver, with the remainder Copper, but there would be trace amounts of many metals including Nickel in the last 1% or so, but not enough to worry anyone.

To the naysayers on metal rings, I can only say that the only serious problems which arise from metal cock rings I have ever heard of come from their being too tight, or that plus if used by otherwise potent men in conjunction with Viagra, Cialis, or the potent or impotent, I guess, with Caverjet etc, or any drug which keeps the dick hard after ejaculation, or the combo of these conditions, and maybe being “out of it” on drugs and falling asleep

That is why I make in 8 sizes, and why it is very important to get a size that gives you a harder, bigger erection, but not a painful one, or one where the ejaculate is held back, or one where after ejaculation you stay hard. Start with the biggest size of ring and work down and maybe back up again until you’ve got the combination of the good effects and none of the bad ones!!!!!.

Due to lots of enquiries from guys who don’t know their size, I am very close to assembling the raw materials to make up “sizing kits” where I would send guys say 3 hand made plain brass rings based on the nearest of my standard ring diameters calculated from their measured girth, and one ring each of + and - 2.5 mm (1/10th inch) diameter on that nominal. It seems I get more questions from guys who don’t know their size than those who do. I haven’t announced this yet, and this isn’t the place to go into any detail, but it’s sure easier than modifying the website…

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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Wow! I want one!!

Perhaps they don’t make cock rings big enough for dudes like rymdrattan. Did I spell that right.


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