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CNN's view of average penis size and making it bigger!

Topical testosterone?? Where are you able to get this?

Ya know the truth is where you find it, if people want want to ingest the spoonfuls of crap the news feeds them let them eat crap but for me I prefer to eat a 3” thick steak knowing the truth!!

Ahhh you ask what makes me think I know the truth huh? Well ill gladly Tell ya that I have sisters, aunt,female cousin and plain and simple woman in one way or another make it known that 5” is ehhh and those of us a little or alot more fortunate are WOW.And as we all know and have seen our pee-shooters transform into CUM CANNONS we know PE DOES WORK..
Nuff said

Sadly, this is all the media is amounts to these days. Nothing but a bunch of propaganda circulating pricks.

Not all that long ago, surgery wasn't even done.

Funny how just a few years back no doctor in the States would have even considered surgery to enlarge the penis. It’s only been recently that the medical profession even looked at this topic so don’t expect them to over-night figure out the truth. Most of them think you can’t get health from a knife or a pill, so how could you expect them to think pulling on it could make a difference?

They must have really don’t there homework on this one.. JOKE.. I think 90% of the report is wrong. Ahh well

I wonder why none of these reporters try it for themselves. It’s so easy for most guys to see a noticeable permanent flaccid gain after only a couple weeks of stretching and jelqing. Maybe none of the media wants people to know. I really prefer it that way anyway. If someone wants the truth, they will find this site.

Yahh right. Then on the 6pm news you would hear how this dude pulled his willy for weeks at a time. :)


Starting: 6.25" BPEL x 5" EG on or before Aug. 04/93.

Aug. 04/05. 7.25" BPEL x 5.5" EG. -- Lastest: 7.625" BPEL x 5.625" EG on Aug. 07/06.

Goal: 8" BPEL x 6" EG or untill the little lady says ouch.

A while back (2.5/3yrs) Men`s Health (UK edition) published an article “disproving” PE and generally ridiculing it.

Of the 6 men they got to try various methods, none of them did what they were asked to do; all gave up after 1 day and on that basis PE was rubbished.

The good news is that my furry at such bad journalism led to me seeing for myself (starting at age 49)

All my life, erect penis 6” (at best on a good day!)

3 yrs of stretch&jelq, Penimaster and pumping later (now 52), erect penis 8.5” (still on a good day, the good got better).

Dark winter nights loom and I`m aiming for 9”. Happy days and the media are mostly full of crap!

I was watching a Fox News reporter asking someone why they were staying in the southern tip of Florida while Wilma was heading their way. The reporter asks, “Didn’t you see what Wilma just did?” She immediately pointed out it was a category 4 then and that it was being said it will be on the high side of 2 or low side of 3 when it hits Florida. He paused for a moment, caught, for indeed he was hyping it up.

Now, of course a 2 or 3 is dangerous, and as she spoke more it was apparent she was certainly aware of that. She has lived there for quite some time and felt she had a good sense of the risk in this category. It may well be she should have lefted, I don’t know, but that isn’t the point of my post. It concerns the media - why can’t they just tell it like it is? Surely they have become aware that more and more people are tired of the hyping, and are on to it, so why doesn’t at least one of the news agencies (MSNBC, CNN, FOX) give complete bare bones honesty a try, and advertise this is what they will be attempting to do. All the political bias, and hyping up of the news is not what I want to see. Well, I suppose Fox has already tried this, so they say, by advertising they are “fair and balanced”. While I do prefer their news channel, as it does seem to me they make some effort towards it, they certainly are not totally fair and balanced by any means. And concerning hype up, Fox is just as bad as CNN and MSNBC about it. Also, it use to be we would get a news alert, or breaking news, when it was indeed that. Now it’s gotten to the point there’s a news alert about anything. It’s all about getting the viewers, ratings, and keeping their big paychecks that depend on it.

Some good information there cheers

Pure rubbish. The average penis size can not be 5 inches, that is so “politically correct”

I have a5.6 , 5.7 dick, and, I have never seen a smaller dick in a gym locker room, in school lockers, ever. Every girl that has seen mine, has told me, in different ways , that either I am the smallest one, or else, that they had larger ones,

Every woman that has answered a poll, says the best size is at least 7, best size probably 8 to 8.5

If 5 was the average, then, guys w 8 + would be freaks that could not have sexual intercourse because no female would be able to handle them

The average is probably 7 inches. 6 is the low side, 9 the high side. Beyond 9 is large , bellow 6 is small.

I’ve only just read this.

From now on I’m not going to believe anything thats on CNN.

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

We Live In The Real World

Just think how many people who read the CNN Article never question it. They take it as the whole truth and will always be 5” and feel they are average. I am 6.45 in length and 6.0 in girth and feel I have a small penis. When I stand up beside others at the urinals I see guys drag out these dragons and I have to pull my dick out kicking and screaming just to get it to poke it’s head out. I made up my mind long ago I belonged to the Stall with a Door Club. I admit I am very small when flaccid but that is the way you walk around most of the time. If someone was to see me getting out of the pool I would be a big joke to everyone. They would never guess I get up to what I do. That is why I am here. I am tired of running to the stall to piss. I am tired of crossing my legs and hiding my crotch when I am sitting in front of women while they throw glances down at my crotch. I am tired of having to walk off to myself while with other men to take a piss so they don’t see how small I am. I am taking a stand, doing the PE and once and for all doing something about having to always hide. I want to send the others to the stall that believe that 5 inches is normal. I have been there long enough. I have been PE ing for a month and have already put on .25 inches in girth and nearly the same in length. I started and 6.25 X 5.75 and found out that this really works, THANK GOD. I am very excited and feel that it can be a life changing thing for me. So, let the world take others advice. I for one believe. Danni

Originally Posted by Vikinggg
I have a5.6 , 5.7 dick, and, I have never seen a smaller dick in a gym locker room, in school lockers, ever.

How many erect dicks have you seen in your gym locker room or in your school locker room? And what gym is it? I want to make sure never to go there!

Though there is clearly much variation in the size of erect dicks—ranging from micro penises to those occasional but real 10” and bigger ones—it is the case that [i]most[i/] men fall in the 5” to 7” BPEL range. However, flaccid sizes vary even more than erect sizes—much, much more, in fact. You simply cannot judge the average size of men based on a sample of flaccid dicks. In particular, you cannot make this judgment from seeing these dicks in a gym locker room, as exercise (adrenalin) and being on public display make a lot of men turtle much more than they regularly do! I know this is true of me. I went from having a small flaccid dick (especially in the locker room!) to having a large one, with the aid of regular PE and some liquid Cialis. Yet my erect length has only increased 0.25” max.

Also, many (or most) of us view our own dicks differently than those of other men. There’s a long psychological story to be told there. But your comparison of other men’s dicks to your own in the locker room is most likely skewed.

Are you 5.6” BP or NBP? The average is probably around 6” BP, so on really skinny guys (i.e., lots of younger guys) the average will still be close to 6” BP. Those guys who are “showers” will still be close to this length when they are flaccid!

Originally Posted by Vikinggg
Every girl that has seen mine, has told me, in different ways , that either I am the smallest one, or else, that they had larger ones,

That’s a different story! Once again, what is your NBP measurement? This is what women see (though it not necessarily what they feel!). What is your girth? Women often judge a dick to be small, average, or big based on girth, not just length. This is especially true given that most men are 5” to 7” BP in length. A 6” long penis that is 6” thick will appear huge next to a 6” penis that is 4.5” thick.

Also, women often lie about this to men. Further, I am of the opinion that, as a general rule, the guys with bigger ones have more sexual encounters than others, and guys with small ones most likely have a lot fewer encounters, on account of their insecurity. So a woman who’s slept with 10 men has probably had a few big ones.

How many women have you been with? I’ve noticed quite a lot of variation in how women compare my size to other men they’ve slept with. Some think I’m big, and others think I’m average.

Originally Posted by Vikinggg
Every woman that has answered a poll, says the best size is at least 7, best size probably 8 to 8.5

Actually, 7” is the winner for most women, though some like them bigger and others like them smaller. No doubt they mean 7” NBP. So the high end of average for men is the ideal for most women.

Of course, what most women really want is girth!

Originally Posted by danni0731
I admit I am very small when flaccid but that is the way you walk around most of the time.

Regular PE will improve your flaccid size. Hanging, stretching, jelqing, clamping, pumping—they all have a positive effect. Perhaps the best exercise for flaccid size, in my experience, is regular low-level pumping.

Also, though I don’t recommend that you use this drug just for this purpose, I must say that Cialis has a significant effect on flaccid size for many men. It has for me. If the flaccid size thing continues to bother you a lot, and if the PE on it’s own doesn’t improve it enough, then you might give the Cialis a try.


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