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CNN's view of average penis size and making it bigger!


I think CNN should have explained that an increase in penis size
is not EASILY done. Their position is that it can’t be done.

Their proof? - Not a single reliable piece of medical research
to back the contrary. I guess you shouldn’t blame CNN, they
rely on medical research which leaves us all with no formal medical
options except surgery.

This is the same BS we’ve always heard and will hear for years to come.

“CNN’s View” doesn’t even bother me,

We are the majority of gainers, right? We can leave the skeptics to their belated dreams of a larger penis, for all I care.

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It was “research” like this that got me depressed. But making the average at 5” is some consolation.

Damn, and I believed this crap for awhile. But I got so sick and tired of being ashamed of my “above average” 5.75 penis that I finally discovered Thunders. Thank you, thank you (and by the way all should contribute back in some way…$$).

To be honest, there is nothing better for self confidence (to me) than a bigger dick. Sex is awesome now and my dick is healthier than ever! We have some doctors as members and they can vouch for this.

Let’s keep it our little secret!

This is in the same catagory as “buy her more flowers to win her affection”

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy

Misconception #2: You can increase penile size without surgery

…. Topical testosterone cream used in childhood can increase penile size by accelerating the effects of puberty, but there is no proof that testosterone cream applied to the adult penis enhances penile size.

Does this mean that if my Parents hadn’t had their heads in the sand and hooked me up with some testosterone cream during puberty that I could be hung like a horse today? Now I’ve got something else I can blame them for. LOL :)

Seriously, if this is true, EVERY parent should know about it and give their sons THE TOOL that will change their lives for the better. To know about it and to do nothing is just POOR PARENTING. They were probably watching too much CNN at the time.

In the age of evidence based medicine/surgery, who can blame CNN for their stance. Until a randomised controlled trial is done, under an appropriate protocol, with a large enough N to reach statistical significance, with no confounding variables, there will be no chance of a landmark paper in a reputable medical/surgical/scientific journal.

Common sense would suggest some extrapolation from orthopaedic limb lengthening post fracture, as well as techniques used by plastic surgeons. In the meantime, while waiting for that landmark paper, keep up the good work. One day CNN and the medical establishment might change their tune.

I am very grateful and happy about news like those on CNN. And I think it’s no damage if all girls think there is no way to push penile size. So no of them will ever tell me “I’d appreciate you doing some jelqing” or “Before we go to bed next time, could you do some stretching?” and so on. Every girl I’ll ever meet will think I’m born with what I have.
The next thing, the average penile lenght, is also awesome. Making them believe 5 inched erect is average, makes me big without doing one fucking pe session.

So, just be happy with those news. There is no use in telling every single man or woman in the world about pe, it will only lift the surveyor’s rod.

For some unknown reason, Average is sometimes mixed up with what is normal.

This is a total hogwash way of looking at figures, if for some reason you had a higher percentage of guys in the <4 or >8 figure then it throws it all out of sync. Average is not “drop your pants I’m expecting one x inches”

So, I suppose what is better is to talk about what is normal? For me I look at figures such as the Kinsey figures on the wiki site and the way I interpret them thinking about how likely a woman is likely to experience a cock of the same size. For some reason I settled on 5%, my thoughts were that most women seem to have at least 10 partners in there life, and at 5% 1in20 you have a better than 50% chance that she will have had one your ACTUAL size.

The sizes 5.5 to 7.0 for NBP Length, and 4.0 to 5.5 for girth all have results showing that more than 5%. So if you had a cock size of 5.5NBP with a 4.0 Girth you would probably be described by her as “a small one, but not abnormal” and likewise if you had 7.0 NBP with a 5.5 girth you could be described by her as “a big one, but not abnormal” Although it’s worth mentioning with Girth that there is also a greater than 1 in 20 chance that she has had one over 5.5, but she may list it in her mind as abnormal. I would also expect from these figures that she would probably rate 6.25 NBP as “Medium”

Now, does PE work? Well a quick look at Pre and Post PE levels seem to show that something is going on, as you can see gains. I only have a bar chart and not the actual data.

What is interesting when you look at the pre and post PE graph though, when you tie it in with the “5% or more means normal” theory, is that the Pre PE folks tie in well with this statement. All of the high bar (readings of over 25) on the Pre PE chart are between this 5.5 and 7.0 figure.

The post PE shows that this group are “normal” IE a reading over 25, when between 6.5 and 7.75. It appears that normal size for the post PE readings is higher than that for the pre PE group readings.

To sum up, “Normally” you would expect someone who has done PE to range between “Upper-Medium and Big abnormally so”, where as the pre PE seem to range between “small but not abnormal to big but not abnormal” when rated by a woman who has had roughly 10 different cocks in her time.

And 5” Average? Well from my reading of the data 5” is far from average and is in fact abnormally small.

CNN don’t know a thing about what they are talking about, the facts are out there!

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Originally Posted by Rapadalen

I am very grateful and happy about news like those on CNN. And I think it’s no damage if all girls think there is no way to push penile size. So no of them will ever tell me “I’d appreciate you doing some jelqing” or “Before we go to bed next time, could you do some stretching?” and so on. …

Yes, that would be awful. I guess that’s how women feel if we suggest doing kegels…

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

What the hell? Man, where do I begin? I think actually five and a half inches is the average. Two things skew this in women’s perspective—first off, women are lousy at judging length, especially when cock is involved. Second, because men are so insecure about penis size, the ones with bigger dicks are more sexually confident and get out there and ask more. Still, in my own experience (which is considerable) I’d certainly say six inches was the typical.

Second—less than half of all women can have vaginal orgasms, from any size. If you go to sex toy websites where women buy their own dildos, as opposed to most sex stores that cater to men, the most popular size is six inches. One of the most popular toys ever that women buy for themselves, the Rabbit Pearl only has a penetrative shaft of five inches.

Third—women do like thick cocks. Because they have sloppy untoned pussy. That’s just laziness in my book. If a woman gets good tone all girths feel good.

Why do couples advertise for hung men? Because it’s men who are so preoccupied with penis size. There is a common sexual fetish where men who think their size is inadequate really get off from seeing their wife/girlfriend get screwed by a really hung man. It’s a common fetish.

And why do women ask for huge cocks in personal ads? Hello, we’re female. If a woman is out trawling for cock, she doesn’t need to take out a personal ad. For dating, for relationships, yes, a personal ad is sometimes necessary. But cock? The odds are like 90% that a woman who walks up to an unattached man and asks, “Wanna fuck?” is going to get lucky, no matter how ugly she is, and even for attached men that percentage is pretty substantial. So for sex a woman only has to take out a personal ad if her tastes are something that is not readily apparent from outward appearance. So yes, size queens would have to resort to ads.

Honestly I have been a regular poster at female sex advice boards for several years now, and I can remember only one time a woman complained her partner was too small. She had had multiple vaginal births and was having a hard time feeling him inside her. But she just had to work out a little. It’s not that hard.

Okay yes, big cocks are ornamental and fun to look at. But in terms of mechanics, the only length issue is cul de sac orgasms. As I said in another thread, for every woman who enjoys cul de sac orgasms, there are two women who hate having their cervix bumped. Less than half of all women can even have cul de sac orgasms. And even there, I’d say seven inches is plenty to hit the cul de sac of just about every woman.

*Getting off soapbox*

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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No, please get back on your soap box, because I want to talk about the fact you have only ever met one woman who said her partner was too small, and that she had all these births. But there is such a thing as facts and figures, and facts and figures seem to be talking differently to you.

Looking at the data from the Kinsey report I can see that if we just talk about “1 in 100 men” we can see that..

1 in 125 men have a penis size of 4.25” or less.
1 in 90 men have a girth of 2” or less.

To put that into some sort of perspective, my little finger reads 3.5” by 2.25”, my other fingers are about 3” in Girth except my thumb which rocks the scales at 3.5” in girth. That thumb is bigger than 1 in 25 men.

But, we do agree, that most men are normal, that is what makes them normal, and normal is pretty good when your talking about cock. Average means nothing and is mealy a mathematical dream that is usually way off from normality as abnormal readings make it drift off.

But are you really saying a 4”x2” cock would be a pleasure? (I’m not a woman as you can probably tell)

Well I don’t know. I can close a Gyneflex #4 and that closes to 2.5” in circumference with a pretty firm resistance. The penetrative shaft of the Gyneflex is 4” and I get off numerous times every time I use it, including half an hour ago. The device does have a wider head, at 5” in circumference which hits right at my g-spot. I’ve had vaginal orgasms with a man about four inches long and slender, I’d say about 3” in girth.

I seriously dispute those girth figures. I was a regular at measurection for a couple years and there were plenty of men around four inches long, a handful about three inches long and a couple under three inches. Usually the shorter guys were pretty girthy, but not always. But I don’t remember anybody coming to the site who was under three inches in girth. I think that’s extremely rare. So I’d say my cutoff would be 3x3.

Have there been any other studies showing the frequency of men under 3” in girth erect? I would think the overwhelming cause of thin girth like that would be hormonal abnormalities, which in this day and age are usually caught and successfully treated at puberty.

I should say some women don’t like g-spot stimulation, because unlike cul de sac stimulation it can lead to ejaculation in vaginally orgasmic women. A lot of women feel very uncomfortable about the topic, and some even have surgery or take drugs to keep from ejaculating!

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

Buy my book! The Orgasmic Diet by Marrena Lindberg

Originally Posted by zaneblue
The penetrative shaft of the Gyneflex is 4” and I get off numerous times every time I use it, including half an hour ago.

Dear zane,

I am not quite getting it, do you happen to have any video available?

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’m wondering if you’re impartial to size, because you’ve really gained a good understanding of your own anatomy so that you can work around any guy’s size.

Do you think most women out there are this “in tune” with their own bodies? It seems like the less they know, the more size they’re going to want or require.


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