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'CLICK' sound in ligs...

'CLICK' sound in ligs...

Hey boyz (and ladies)- hope you had a merry, merry Girthmas!

Last night, during my stretching routine (20 minutes of intense pulling in all directions, 30 second reps each), specifically during my downstretch rep, I felt and heard a ‘CLICK’ in what I thought to be my left lig. I feel a very slight tingling feeling in my left lig this morning… is this normal? Can I continue with PE today (my last day for the week)?

Also: How important are hot wraps before PE? This week, I’ve noticed that my jelquing sessions have become slightly less intense, and slightly more painful… coupled with the fact that I didn’t really feel like I had accomplished anything during the sessions (I’m sure some of you guys might know what I mean, if not, I’ll explain in a follow-up post). I’m thinking maybe my lack of wrapping has something to do with the pain…

Anyway, enjoy the day (hope none of you have to work today)!


All I can say is, take an extra couple of rest days before you start, it will only help gains anyway.

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

Hot wraps help to make the tissue more limber. This helps reduce the chance of injury, and increase the chance of stretching the tissue and making gains.

Lots of guys have gotten the “lig clicks”, but follow what girthmanofxmas suggested and take a few days off to be safe.


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