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Clear thinking

Clear thinking

Ahhh, my first full member post. Now just to get big dick and I can come out of the closet :)

I was wondering if sports could in any way HURT gains. We all know that blood is the thing that gets pumped in your unit when there is posible action on the horizon. Depending on the thing you are doing amount of blood raises in that part of body. If you are running more blood goes to legs if doing push-ups to your arms and so on. We have only so much blood (about 6l or something like that) so when one part of the body needs blood there must be less of it in the other part (just less not no blood). But what if you are doing something that needs a lot of blood in most of muscles like swimming or SEX (if you don’t just sit there and watch TV while your girl/wife/randomly chosen hot chick rides your dick). So what are the places with less blood? My guess: digestive tract, some of the organs and PART OF THE BRAINS (I’ll say it again; it’s just my guess and if you are sure I’m wrong you can stop reading because all my theory bases on that). Your brain has a certain lowest limit of oxygen(O2) allowed (blood carries O2) or you at first fall unconscious(pass out if I didn’t spell it right) and then maybe even die. I’ll devide brain on “thinking” part and on part that controls your body functions (partition of your brain is actually not so simple; I’m just trying to demonstrate something). In crisis (lack of O2) thinking part will run out O2 first which should result in coma yes but that’s not what I had in my mind. What I’m trying to explain in such complicated matter is that while strenous “work” you shouldn’t be able to think so clearly and could be even killing your brain cells. So is sex worth killing yor brain? ABSOLUTELY!!! Hmm I can’t remember where I was going with this. Oh never mind, back to sports. Would it help my gains if I limited parts with big blood consumption to only brain and dick. Or to put it differently; would my body say:”Why the hell do we keep pumping blood to the dick if he’s not using it. (I’m without a girl right now) We should even shrink that thing it only burns energy”.(now that’s a coincidence, some blonde from high school sent me a message just as I was writing sentence before this one; maybe there is God anyway :) ). This is getting confusing. If you get any of this let me know.


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