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Clamps in AustraliaNZ


Clamps in AustraliaNZ

Does anyone out there know where I can find cable clamps in Australia or New Zealand?


I found them in Bunnings last Saturday - best of luck!

The time for procrastination is NOW! Start date: 2005/3/15 BPEL 5" EG 5.25" 2005/05/17 BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5"

Which section in Bunnnings, littlefella??

I was working there for a while and never saw them.

I checked everwhere in Bunnings but no luck. Littlefella, can you describe the sort you found so as there is no confusion?


Perhaps even take a photo of it with a digital camera.


I found them in bunnings also - try the electrical section. If your having probs pm me and I will send some over to you via snail mail..



Hey littlefella, oz…. which stores did you find them in?
Which state are you in, as well, because I am in NSW.

Like I said, I worked at a bunnings for a little while about two years ago and they never had them then, in fact they were reducing the number of items they carried at that point…

I will check again in the electrical section this week at Bunnings in Sydney’s North.

Hey Guys, anyone found them anywhere in Brisbane?

Thanks, Oasis

wadfile, I am out west. I will try a few stores around the Parramatta(ish) area.

If they have introduced clamps, it’s a new thing, and a good thing!
Maybe there is a PE’er at the top of the corporate ladder over at Bunnings? ;)

I got a clamp at HOME hardware, but the largest one they had there was a bit small, so I can’t clamp at a full erection

Is Bunnings a department store? I don’t think we have it where I live.

$2 shop for me, no wonder they don’t work well.

Sorry guys for late reply. I found the clamps in the electrical section of Bunnings Hardware - Corio (Geelong). They were not with the cables and cable ties, but almost hidden on a shelf in the next aisle. When I paid for them, the checkout chick commented she hadn’t seen them before, so presumably they are a new line for Bunnings. Best of luck with your stores.

The time for procrastination is NOW! Start date: 2005/3/15 BPEL 5" EG 5.25" 2005/05/17 BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5"

Sixinchman - where abouts are you? I haven’t looked in a home hardware. I searched all through the electrical section in Bunnings Norwest and came up with zilch. All they have is bulk packs of cable ties. :( I will try a HOME maybe this weekend.

Starch - where abouts are you? I am in Sydney and littlefella is in Victoria by the sounds of it (Geelong is a suburb of Melbourne or something, right? Hope I got that right, never actually been there but know of the names down South since my GF was from Adelaide and rants about “back home” and places along the way hehe) Bunnings is a massive hardware store, almost all of them occupy these huge warehouse structures a couple hundred meters long or so… if they were near you, you couldn’t have missed them ;)

I thought Bunnings originated in WA and then spread outwards, a few years back taking over all the hardwarehouse’s. At least that’s what they told me at our propaganda brainwashing session (bunning’s training) I’m not familiar with places outside of NSW, but within this state there seems to be a big bunnings store at every major town the whole length and bredth of my travels which have extended from Sydney city to Campbelltown to Penrith area and up into the mountains, and even beyond up North way near the QLD border. So it’d surprise me if there were any states with no bunnings at all, except maybe central AU around NT area and so forth.

Damn, I want a decent clamp. I’ve been using a hose clamp, but having to use a screwdriver really sucks. I wonder if they’re available on eBay? I would pay for them as would probably quite a few other members!

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