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Clamps Don't Fit

Clamps Don't Fit

I just got my clamps today, but the large one is too big and the two smaller size clamps are too small. My girth is about 4.3. What shall I do?

Return to the store and get medium clamps the other two sizes are pretty much useless

medium clamps and a soft cloth to wrap with. I used to also have to use a soft silicone cockring to get erect enough to clamp with. It was embarrassing to be too small to fit into a medium clamp - the one that fits like 98% of men. Clamping fixed that little problem for me.

Happy clamping.

Yeah, at your thickness you’ll probably need a decent wrap to really get a good clamping session from the medium sized clamps, just experiment with the thickness until you find what works for you.

Is it possible to purchase clamps via Internet? If so- any reputable sites?

Possible solutions:

1) Wrap around you shaft with something soft to get thick enough for the clamp. (peice of cotton t-shirt, old sock etc.)
2) Wrap tape around the edges of the clamp to make it grip tighter. (I used electrical tape)
3) Get a small size clamp (never seen one, maybe they are too small I don’t really know, but they are out there!)
4) Glue some sort of pad to the sides of the clamp. (to make it fit better, cutt up mouse pad or something)

Those are all viable solutions to your problem and with the exception of the small clamp I have tried every one of those ideas and can confirm that they all work.

Start (Aug.05): 6.6 BPEL x 4.375" EG

Now (Feb.2011): 8.6" BPEL x 6.0" EG...

Gains: 2.0" EL x 1.625" EG Way more than doubled my erect volume! PE for life. Anything is possible!

The small size clamps would have been too small for me when I was three years old. And the medium was too big when I started.

You can get medium cable clamps at Walmart and cable cuffs (same thing) at home depot. I found them at Walmart in the housewares section near the light fixtures and toilet seats. At home depot at the end of one of the aisles in a big bin.

When I started this I got some 2” ace wraps with the velcro tab on the end and cut them into various lengths for different uses. The one I use for a wrap is about 2’ long and I just fold it double then double it again. At first, I had to pump and use a cock ring to get thick enough for clamping. Clamping has fixed that little problem though.

Just practice with it and you will find what is comfortable, doesn’t pinch, and how tight you can go without making your dick fall off. Go slow, it only gets to fall off once. Definitely not a mistake you can learn from.

Outlaw, when I started I was 4.25”eg, now I’m 5” and sometimes larger. I use two clamps, taped together with electrical tape. Then I cut short pieces of window foam weather stripping, stick them on the inside of each clamp and then wrap it tight with electrical tape again. If the weather stripping is not thick enough, do it again for a total of 8 pieces of weather stripping (2 clamps x 2 internal sides x 2 pieces per side) Again wrap this very tight with electrical tape. Then I use a piece of water pipe insulation (3/4” or 1” I can’t remember) as my wrap. I love this wrap, as it pops on and off easily and quickly, so I don’t lose my bone.

Attaching the padding to the clamps themselves has really worked well for me. It transfers the pressure much more directly from the clamp to your penis. I found that by just using more wrap, some of the wrap would inevitably pinch up and put extra pressure on the clamps, and not enough on my penis. I have broken many clamps, by using too much wrap.

The medium clamps are red aren’t they? For those who can’t find them, I believe you can find them on eBay. Just search for “cable clamp”.

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