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When you are clamping are you supposed to just clamp and wait 10 minutes or clamp with squeezes in the middle of the shaft?

Can you get gains just from clamping without squeezes because that just seems like a really tight cock ring?

I think you could, it would just take a lot longer.

I just clamp , loosen a little every now and then and kegel more blood in. That’s it. No other squeezes or anything else. Gained almost 0.1 inches in girth by doing this 2 or 3 times per week.

With a normal rock hard erection, my girth tops out at 5.2 inches. Clamped I can easily reach 5.5 and almost 5.6 inches at times.

I vary may routine, but usually do something like this. I shower at night. Warmup in shower. Get out, 15 minutes intense manual stretch. Back in shower for a few minutes to warm up again. Intense jelq for 15 minutes. Back in shower. Clamp for 20-30 minutes, then back in shower with the clamp on to get it warm while fully expanded and well exercised. Slowly loosen clamp, but keep up with the manual stimulation. When the clamp is fully removed, I still have an erection. Let erection subside under warm shower. End with a few more jelqs, and ball massage and immediately put on BallZinger on wear all night.

During my clamping, I will do usually do a few things. First, keep myself at 100+% maximum erection with manual stimulation. Also, I use the web of my finger and thumb (a loose OK with no grip) to push behind the glans and bend my curve downward and kegel at the same time. This puts INCREDIBLE pressure throughout the entire penis. My base swells up to 7 1/4+, my shaft to right under 7, and I get the “goose bumps” on my glans. Maximum expansion without injury or explosion. I do this as much as possible during the 20-30 minutes. I will occasionally do squeezes from the glans slowly down the shaft, ending at the base. Not real hard but enough to put good pressure on it.

A few observations. I am noticing growth on both sides where the clamp is “clamped.” On the side towards the glans at the base, I have a noticeable growth ring kind of thing. It looks like a cock ring has been surgically put right under my skin. I also feel one on the “unclamped” side as well, but since it’s buried in my fat pad, it’s not noticeable.

I have much better results clamping if it is combined with jelqing.

Be very careful if you attempt to push down as I do as described above. I have broken 3 clamps from the pressure exerted by doing this, so imagine the pressure on the penis. Be careful and know your limitations.


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