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I understand the idea of clamping is to remain at some level of erection for a certain time but what I don’t understand is how the clamp is actually keeping blood in the CC?

I would have thought the Artery that took blood to the CC was quite deep and that the clamp only restricts the skin and the vessels on the Penis surface.

Also for you clampers, how come you do not damage or crush the veins in the foreskin and on the penis?

It depends on how tight you make the clamp, but restricting the outflow via the veins (which are near the surface) is how it works. The arteries are deep and unless the clamp is on really tight they remain open and allow additional blood to enter.

Damage is prevented by using a wrap beneath the clamp and by limiting the time (10 minutes is recommended). The clamp is usually placed at the base of the shaft so the foreskin shouldn’t be involved.

The CC are each supplied by the deep artery of the penis which branches from the common penile artery and lies essentially in the middle of each CC.

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