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Whenever I clamp after about 3-5 mins my member becomes extremely cold, so i have to take the clamp off to prevent injury. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

You’re just clamping too hard, too tight. Cool is fine, cold is bad, darker pink (assuming you’re white) is good, purple/black(!) is bad..

Just unclick it a notch or two, maintain the kegels and it should be fine..are you using a CableClamp or something else?

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My head always gets a little cold after 10 minutes of clamping, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem as long as there is no pain or discoloration.

Try warming up before a session I advise this strongly.

Also don’t click too tight, your penis shouldn’t go cold at all and if it does than the circulation is being cut off too much.

How erect do you enter the clamp?

I always read that the clamp needs to be tight. I don’t see how you can develop any significant pressure without it being tight enough to cause a little coldness of the head after a while. But like I said, that doesn’t seem to be a problem if you limit it to 10 minutes and don’t get pain or discomfort.

Even a slight bit of clamping causes head coldness for me.

Thanks for your advice. Drilla, i use a cable clamp with any kind of soft material as a wrap. Usually i use a think material, and Red i put it on either; completely flaccid and get an erection and tighten, or i put it on erect and tighten as necessary. All in all it seems pretty dangerous to me. I have heard lots of guys talking about clamps and when i finally got mine i was so excited, because it was a cheap piece of pe apparatus, but now i have ceased using it because of this coldness, and drilla i am not white but i don’t think it discolours, hard to tell, but it really does get cold, and if i loosen it the erection usually goes.

Okay, sorry thunder, I usually do must have forgot.

Sometimes I use a rice sock during clamping, but not alot because it requires alone time which I don’t have much of.

Where can I buy a nice clamp? Mine ripped :(

How much “down time” are you guys doing between clamps? Just curious.

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Originally Posted by traxx

Where can I buy a nice clamp? Mine ripped :(

Home depot, wal-mart, home depot has bins full of them for under a buck. The cable cuff clamp.

Originally Posted by Slendercock

How much “down time” are you guys doing between clamps? Just curious.

10 minute minimum for me, I like to dry jelq in between sets.

I’ve been clamping for a few weeks now and the head of my penis does get cold.I use a heating pad the whole time while I clamp..

I keep it on a low setting so I can still feel any tingling or pain

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