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Clamping wrap - cutout from hand gloves

Clamping wrap - cutout from hand gloves

So I was trying to find out the perfect wrap for the clamping endeavor.
Thera P and similar wraps seem OK, with the mention that you waste a lot of time tightening and closing them, which in turn affect the quality of your erection.. Which means you may have to put some extra effort in bringing it back up again.
So I was thinking of a potential wrap that could be easily slipped in, tailored to the needs..
Textile hand gloves came to mind.. As in the sections built for the thumbs (larger models.. Or normal sized ones if you suffer from reduced girth)..
What do you think?

(To mods: yes, I intended to post this in the Main Members Forum).

I would think leather would be good. A leather glove instead of fabric, but not sure thumb would be big enough.. Currently I use pieces of a leather belt for clamping wrap. Works for me so far.

I thought of textile material (not of leather) because of it’s elastic properties - you can stretch it to place it to the base of the penis, and it should be able to stretch enough to accommodate your full girth. I couldn’t figure out a prefabricated piece of clothing of a cylindrical shape that could be used.
And I am too lazy to sew myself something like this, not to mention it would probably not be as stable.
For the guys with more girth, I thought of another solution. One of my girlfriends had these socks that were split between the toes, like this:


(Random G searches)

Twice transversally cutting that piece of clothing from the big toe, should be able to accommodate, by stretching, many penises.

Furthermore, putting more of these one over another may be a solution for people with thinner units, or for people that prefer to have the clamp further away from their penis.

Moreover, I postulate that you can stimulate yourself to a minimal erection, put these on (or even pout them right on flaccid - for the lucky ones with significant FG), and only after then bring yourself to a full erection and adjust the clamp.

Also the benefits of having more pieces of these cylindrical clothing wraps would slightly correct the inherent asymmetry of the cable clamp!

Edit: a solution more fit for even larger girths would be using the sleeve of a baby shirt.. Or child shirt, but that may be need for EG @ Base of well over 7”.
Anything must be from elastic textile material.

To mods: the reason for suggesting the thread being moved to main was to hear more ideas from more experienced people.
I had read a significant number of materials on clamping, but I haven’t seen such an “improvement” considered.

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Apologies, as this idea came in later, when I couldn’t edit the post anymore.

Scrunchies (the textile things with which girls fasten long hair) may also be an useful wrap. They do come in a variety of sizes. I am however concerned that many of these will wrinkle (I.e. The sides of the cylinder will start curving towards the outwards.

For a short time I tried this as an ADS, and I won’t think it worked to well for the above-mentioned reason.

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