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Clamping - what is the average rate of gain?


It’s pretty weird how clamping is touted as being the best exercise for gaining girth, yet not everyone (only half, I think) are actually gaining from it.

With this logic, I believe that the actual method of clamping is not the problem, but rather the routine which one does.

I’m part of the “less is more” crowd when it comes to PE. Someone should really give IPR a try in terms of gaining girth. I made a thread a while back, but it didn’t really get that much attention. In it, there’s a sample routine that I hope a few people try - after all, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Gaining girth using IPR protocol

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I have gained a little over a .25 inch in girth in about 3 months, but really, I think it all depends on the routine you use along with clamping. I do 3x15 a night while being edged by my wife on the second set. I also do horses, clamp bends and clamp pulls. I use 2 clamps. First clamp is forced as close as possible to my so called fat pad (I’m thin), the second is clamped as close to the first clamp. When clamp pulling, I can pull my rod and separate the clamps anywhere from .25 of an inch to .375, when I release the pull, the clamps are together again and I pull for about 30 seconds with a 15 second break in between. I don’t watch the clock while pulling, I just listen to my dick. I do use heat also while clamped during my first set to loosen things up and heat after the last. I’m also still using the newbie routine because it is not as strenuous as the clamping sessions. I have gained .75 in length doing this. I am a believer in clamping. I am thing about a deconditioning break for about a month/month and half, because I got rapid gains at first then things became slow. The problem is that I think I’m addicted to clamping. I love the feel of the force and size of my penis while clamped, also being edged by my wife is awesome, The look and feel of the vieny penis and the thickness hours after being clamped not to mention the erections. By the way, erections can be a problem when first starting the clamping thing and you must be conditioned before you begin to entertain the idea cause you can damage yourself.


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