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Clamping weak point?

Clamping weak point?

There I was on a clamping session and got to thinking, you always clamp at the base of the shaft as tight to the body as possible, it’s hoped that over time your penis grows in girth but at the point where you clamp it everytime is it a given that this won’t grow in size so you essentially create a weak point?

I’ve heard that it’s the area under the clamp that grows the thickest although I’m not sure and would very much like clarification of that if it’s true (I heard of one guy who fitted clamps all the way up his shaft at intervals to try and get it to grow quicker).

There are people with a lot more experience of clamping (and P.E. in general) who should be able to shed light on the topic.

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I’ve always wondered what happens to the dick you don’t see when you clamp? does it enlarge too?

I’ve experienced the most expansion on and around the clamping area itself..:)

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I remember someone explained with a diagram in some thread as to why the clamped area becomes thicker from clamping.

It grows more under the clamp?

Puts in order for 10 cableclamps :)

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