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Clamping Warning!!!!!

Originally Posted by hobby
Whatever combination, as long as I got in several hours each day I met my goal.

hobby: Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. It is really going to help me focus my routine a little better.

Originally Posted by Renholder
Be careful Dino.

Regarding clamping, I wanted to make a thread about this but I`m not allowed to do so.

The consensus on this board is to clamp while 100% erect, right?

Bib has a different approach with his ULI thing. He says that porn and erotic stimulation is completely unneccesary.

You just need a 30-50% erection if I remember correctly. The clue is to close outflow while providing inflow. Eventually the cock will expand far beyond 100%.

If you clamp a 100% erect cock, it is much harder to get expansion and it is also more dangerous.

Poorly explained by me perhaps, but I can write later as I think this is important.

What has been generally called “clamping” for several years isn’t specific.

Applying a clamping force to an existing erection may or may not be dangerous, but I doubt it would be effective for PE purposes.

Extreme Ulis are about establishing 100% engorgement in front of the device without being “erect” (though a little erection is needed to initially build the engorgement), then cinching the device down tight to provide even more pressure in the shaft. Think of inflating one of those long balloons to near its maximum pressure, and then squeeze it. Blood inflow and outflow are completely shut off. Sets shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes maximum. Anyone claiming to do EU’s for far longer and still has a penis doesn’t understand what they are.

Wrapping for girth is at the opposite end of the constriction extreme. It restricts the outflow of blood while still allowing some inflow. You’re putting a bottleneck on the outflow, so the pressure gradually builds within. No “erection” is required or wanted. In fact, becoming erect during a set screws up the delicate balance you’re trying to maintain.

By “erect” I mean the erectile mechanism at play — your body is trying to sport wood.

By “engorged” I mean full of blood and expanded in size, perhaps even with intense pressure within the shaft, without the erectile mechansism being involved.

I think many who are “clamping” mean various things in the middle of these. Some deliberately maintain an erection through the set. That’s not necessarily bad. Edging while wearing a cock ring is similar. A ring, wrap or clamp applying low-moderate constriction can boost pressure in the shaft while the erection is held.

The main problem with all of this is consistent terminology hasn’t been used to differentiate erection from engorgement. Renholder mentioned Bib referring to degree of erection. Erection was often used in the past to describe both. Keep that in mind as you read older material, and even new.

I have no desire to do Extreme Ulis again, but to better explain, here is how I did them:

I wrapped the base somewhat loosely with sweatshirt material while flaccid or near flaccid. Then I applied an approximately 1” wide strip of leather over that. A hose clamp was placed over the leather. At this point the attachment was fairly loose. I became slightly fluffed (very mild erection). I built pressure in front of the device by kegeling while pulling the EU setup rearward. Jelg the blood into the shaft. Had to be patient. I’d adjust the clamp tightness as necessary, gradually tightening a bit through the kegeling and jelqing. After several minutes of this I’d have a fully engorged and pressurized shaft and head in front of the device, yet no “erection” behind the clamp.

By this point, the pressure was already high. Then, the whammy: tighten the clamp. Using a socket wrench I’d tighten the hose clamp considerably more. I’d feel an internal aching/stinging sensation throughout my shaft with the pressure increase. Set the timer. I usually went around 8-9 minutes, less if the stinging grew too intense. Then I rested for a few minutes and repeated.

I want to reiterate that an intense program of EU’s did not produce gains for me, and I advise against it. Try using honey instead of vinegar.

Originally Posted by sta-kool

hobby: Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. It is really going to help me focus my routine a little better.

Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

Hobby, I’m diggin your posts! Thanks for the interesting perspective!

Originally Posted by hobby
Wrapping (which is the equivalent of very mild “clamping”), pumping, and edging while wearing a cock ring, yep. I used a mix. I did my best to maintain mild pressure for relatively long time. No days off.

If you’ve done intense “clamping” or extreme Ulis recently, your tunica is probably quite conditioned/strengthened. I doubt that’s good starting position to benefit from lower intensity stuff. You might try taking some time off first, at least from exercises that target girth. Months.

For newbies reading this, extreme Ulis are a bit different from how most are using cable clamps. For EU’s you use a hose clamp or a Bib hanger. When 100% engorgement has been obtained in front of the device you then crank it down tighter, creating even more pressure. After that you may also add weight to a hanger. EU’s are, as the name implies, extreme. I pushed them quite hard, and I’m lucky I didn’t rupture my tunica. I certainly could have. For all of that risk and effort, I didn’t get any reward. IMO, teasing out gains is the way to go. Forcing doesn’t work.

Thanks for the reply.

I actually do extreme uli’s with my hand, not while clamped. Believe it or not I can put more pressure with my hands than with the clamp, and I think it’s just easier on your penis tissue.

When I mean extreme uli’s though, I mean EXTREME. Like I clamp off as tight as I can go, so almost no blood goes out when I do it. If you hate doing them with a clamp, maybe try them with your hands (I actually put one hand behind the other which makes even less blood come out).

How long are your wrapping sessions? I read about this a long time ago, and I admit it sounds like a great idea. I tried it too, but there’s just no way I can stay hard for like an hour at a time. I mean I guess I could, but it’d be really tough.

I think taking some viagra and then doing this could lead to amazing results.

So ya… how long were your wrapping sessions? Also, for what period of time (long term) did you do these, and how much did you gain from them (in combination with pumping etc)?


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