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Clamping Warning!!!!!

I think this needs to kept up for a while for those who don’t stop in often.


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Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Bluenun: If you find a vacuum hanger that pulls from the glands let me know.

I think Monkeybar may have something up his sleeve.


Here buddy they look cool , But $400.00 isn’t that cool.
If anybody gets one leave me some feedback.

I’ve broken 3 clamps in a month. I’ve been lucky so far.


Mike K: Looks a little pricey, and not much different from the TrackMan or the MaleBridge system. But I do like this suction type hanger idea. I’ve always felt pulling from the glands works the inner structures better than hangers that grip the shaft. You can feel this even with manual stretches. Grab your dick mid shaft and stretch it for 60 seconds, let go and watch how quick it turtles. Then grab it by the tip and hold the stretch for 60 seconds and let go. Look how much longer it takes to turtle. The problem is gripping the shaft, so far has been the only way to support any real weight, that is 20 pounds or more. I’m sure a breakthrough in hangers is on the horizon. I’ve been talking to Monkeybar about this, and I think MB is also working with MGUS and MBUC on something along the lines of their SuckExtender idea, and I’m sure what ever we come up with will be better, and a lot more affordable. You might want to hang onto your money a while and see what develops here within the community.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
bluenun: If you find a vacuum hanger that pulls from the glands let me know.

I think Monkeybar may have something up his sleeve.

BG, I certainly will.
I have been reading the threads by MGUS about the home made vacuum hanger. Unfortunately I cannot try them out yet as I have not healed up.

When I used to manually stretch I would pull from the Glans and my foreskin stayed lose with no chance of injury.
I could feel the pull on my ligaments so a hanger that pulled in the same way is what I am looking for.

I did order The Grip a few months back but they never delivered and Visa is dealing with it. Since then I have been contacted by a few guys that also had problems with that company.

It’s not a good idea to pull/stretch/hang anything from the glans, it’s far too sensitive an area of the penis. I’m only saying this cuz I had to deal with a lot of desensitization from the glans…I had to lay off of doing anything to my glans (other than sex) for months…trust me, it’s not a good thing.

I didn’t read the whole thread, just Dino’s original post about giving his wanker some acne.
But I second the BE CAREFUL caution when clamping.

I’ve done some moderate clamping off and on for a while and about 2 weeks ago I thought I would
ratchet things up a bit by making the clamp a little tighter. Bad idea. About 30 seconds into it I heard what sounded (or felt) like a
a soft but intense pop from the right side of my gut followed by some pretty intense pain. Removing the clamp made the pain go away, but I still wondered if I didn’t F myself up. That was enough clamping for me - for good.

I get a lot better results just using a bit of spongy theraband like material and a velcro strap. Seems to work real good for me.
I don’t know how you guys are getting away with using multiple clamps and wrenching them down tight but be freakin’ careful.


Originally Posted by Dino9X7

I have one of the toughest dicks in the world I have done almost every kind of PE torture known to man for the last 5 years. But since clamping I have been pushing it even further I don’t think anything gives you the pressure of clamping. When I started clamping I took it slow but I have slowly been cranking up the intensity even when a lot of people have gotten hurt. And now with all these threads running with guys using multiple clamps and staying clamped even longer and taking it to a new level I was taking it up another notch as well at least I was till yesterday when I was just starting a new clamping session I didn’t even have the clamp on and I looked at the base of my dick I had a bump smaller than a marble and bigger than a pea it was on a vein, it didn’t hurt at all maybe a slight dull ache. I stopped right away and and by tonight it’s almost gone but I’m sure if I didn’t see it and started clamping last night I would have blown out a vein or something.
So I will be taking at least the rest of the week off and maybe longer but I just wanted to warn you guys that clamping is extreme PE and not to be taken lightly because even a vet like me can get hurt.

Ok, that’s weird. I got the same bump over the weekend. It occured on one of my rest days, but the swelling stopped the day after. It could’ve been clamping that did it or it might’ve been me being lazy with warm wrap again (I stealth PE more often than not, so warm wrapping without looking suspicious is tricky sometimes). I don’t clamp any longer than 10 minutes, but I do recall the session before the rest day, I did 50 jelqs WHILE clamped for the first time. Needless to say, I’ll wait a while before trying that again.

Well Guys

I did a small PE session with some easy clamping at all went well. I really didn’t push to hard but I had no bump so I’m happy about that. And yes I’m a PE whore I couldn’t even stop for a week:-s


I had got a similar pain once when I first started clamping and it taught me respect and fear of clamping but six months later and I had forgotten my lesson.


I also don’t really have any kind of warm up thing going on I usually just get the area warmed up and get the blood flowing, I don’t use a heat wrap or anything so who knows if that had anything to do with it.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’m a little nervous for you since you decided to clamp so soon… take it easy bro and don’t hurt yourself!


Originally Posted by Sizemeister
I’m a little nervous for you since you decided to clamp so soon… take it easy bro and don’t hurt yourself!

Thanks brother I will be careful:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

What’s EVO stand for? I searched but to no avail.

It’s Australian for evening. e.g.

This evo I’m having a barbie and sharing a few tinnies with some mates? <— (everything is a question in Australia)

Maybe there are other meanings.

Shouldn’t we have a clampers forum?

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