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Clamping volume


I was clamping probably an hour a day, but I think it was the length of the sets that did me in. 6 months or so later with no clamping and it’s starting to fade.

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Originally Posted by mark001
Stillwantmore is saying that he is trying 30-40 minute sessions because in any case blood circulation is never cut off.

What do you think about that?

I think it spells trouble, especially if you’re new to clamping. Okay, I was trying to be lighthearted earlier, but real problems could befall you if you don’t consider the dangers of prolonged clamping sets.

Originally Posted by vkn1
Were you guys getting as good gains with the 10 minute sets though? The infamous Aristocane of course did 15 minute sets and seemed to swear by them for his awesome results. BigGirtha did 10 minute sets but I think he spent like the majority of the day or something doing them.

Clamping is still a pretty new technique and certainly not an exact science. I chose to clamp at moderate intensity for 4 x 15 minutes at the height of my clamping routine. I had no real guide to go by but from how my penis reacted.

However I strongly believe that clamping for 20+ minutes is risky, although I’ve never attempted it so I don’t know. What I’m trying to get across is that I think it’s unnecessary and will lead to discoloration and poor erection quality, regardless of gains.

As for aristocane, he made great strides in terms of gains from 15 minute sets, but his penis is a fucking state. This was due to way too high intensity IMO.

Personally, 1 hour total clamping a day was quite enough for my penis, especially as most nights he was to perform to the best of his abilities in the sack. Anything more than 4 x 15 minutes would cause him to tap out through exhaustion. All in all this is a healthy attitude to have towards my dick, not the exercises he goes through.

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