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Clamping strategy

Clamping strategy

I will soon start clamping and I wanted your opinion with 1 thing.

I have this “tree trunk” shape, like 6.25 inches at base and 5.85 inches middle shaft. So I thought that in the beginning, I should clamp about at mid shaft level so my middle shaft mesurement catch up with my base. Hopefully, I will have a more balanced penis this way.

Wrong thinking or I should give it a try ?

Well, I dont know thats for sure. I have the same shape and would also like to even that girth out, all the way to the head. That would be after I have reached my length goal.

What does the vets think about this?

Will this help? Or would pumping seem like a good idea?

I have read some threads about this, that the “tree trunk” shape is quite commen among hangers, so what do you hangers do to even this out?

Has no one had this “problem” and fixed it?

Clamp at the base, as close to the body as possible. Clamping mid shaft will turn your tree trunk into an hourglass.

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No Nukes

Thanks BG :)

I have read A LOT of your posts, and I am still checking out your ” a date with..”, and your

“they conficated my…” threads every day :)

Back on topic: Do you think clamping is the best way to go? what about pumping? or a combination?

Did you ever have the “tree trunk” shape yourself, or did your big girth gains always spread out evenly?

Turning into an hourglass is the thing I want.

Well, not completely. What I said is that I will clamp until it even out, and then clamp at the base. What do you think ?

Sure I dont want an hourglass look…

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