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Clamping- step 4

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Clamping- step 4

On the clamping article, it says to tighten the clamp as tight as possible on step 4. Can someone explain how tight to tighten the clamp at that step?

Depends how much your penis can take. And how much girth you currently have.
Most wouldn’t go beyond 3 notches (showing) which is 7 clicks from open.
But it really depends on the above factors. If you want good expansion, then tighter is better. But too tight and you risk cutting blood off completely.
I do it tight enough that I can kegel more blood in and I can actively feel this blood going in. If the clamp is too tight I can’t feel this and this is how I gauge it.

There will be more experienced clampers who will chime in I’m sure but this is how I’ve learned to do it.

Is your penis quite conditioned from the newbie workout and similar? Because clamping is quite tough on your penis. Make sure you’re ready.

Thanks Sacred, that makes good sense to me. I am going to clamp real soon.

How tight you clamp is entirely personal. Some go as tight as possible. Some go with just a little pressure. Some in between.

I do the minimal pressure route. As of now, I only tighten it 2 or 3 clicks. You get better bloodflow that way so you can stay in the clamp longer, and I’ve found I get just as good of expansion with that as with 7 clicks.

This may not work for everyone. I found that the wrap is more important in clamping at low levels. The wrap I use is the cuff of a sock, with the excess folded over the top of the penis, so that it puts more pressure on the dorsal vein.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


Mr. T - You can post in that article. Ask your questions there so others can more easily understand what you’re talking about.

I’ve copied the posts in this thread and attached them to the main article and am closing this thread but leaving it here for educational purposes.

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